1. Hello! The initial sketch was done in colouring pencil but there's an awful lot of digital jiggery pokery. You're correct, the fire was traced over digitally to get a bit more of a crisp outline. The whole thing is a bit of an amalgamation of different techniques! I love drawing with pencils but I'll enhance it digitally if it improves the composition. Hope this helps 👌

  2. I see, thanks for clarifying! almost sold my soul for a minute there just to learn how to do that shit manually

  3. I love the art style and I got a chuckle out of it as well! Great job!

  4. Damn, that's so true. The other week I was listening to a podcast, and this woman who moved from the US to the UK mentioned how much gentler the dentists are in the UK.

  5. I am UK based, they're pretty nice here to be honest, never any real discomfort. This is more a jokey cartoon about my irrational anxiety about going to the dentist than the actual experience

  6. Sorry OP, but the dentist isn’t the one who’s at fault here

  7. I will stress I do actually floss, this isn't an accurate autobiographical piece of work haha

  8. This really says something to me. Something. I just don't know what it is.

  9. Hahaha thank you, I think? For me it just tells me my washing still isn't done!

  10. Goddammit OP, you did not have to expose my washing machine like that!

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