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  1. Whyyyyy are they charging $2.95 for shipping? It’s bothering me 😅

  2. I don’t want to sound creepy… but do a bit of background check on your own

  3. Yuppppp This is good advice They most likely are saying that they’re “leaving the country” to get the seller off their back!

  4. I keep coming back to the fact that it wasn’t even a good look. Like, it just didn’t work with the theme and the glam they chose. All of this… for what

  5. It's become so clear that oppression-hunting is a bottomless pit of narcissism. It never ends, and the solution they are striving for (to blend into society) contradicts their narcissistic attempts to stand out in society. Without the cloak of victim, what is left? Just a regular shmuck trying to pay bills like the rest of us. Except that shmuck has blue hair.

  6. If you’re sending Velveeta then send Rotel for queso

  7. They won’t because these international students are what’s keeping the university afloat financially

  8. That's some incel shit right there. Wow

  9. Like, does he not realize that the children came from both parents?? Absurd how he frames it as purely the woman’s responsibility….

  10. Those gathered bikini bottoms don’t look good on anyone, seriously. Everyone looks like their anus is hungrily sucking up the fabric, and it’s just uncomfortable.

  11. Are you in Georgetown or Acton? If you have a family, try Halton Hills Family Health, they might be taking new families

  12. If you don’t mind me asking - what method were you using between kids 2 & 3?

  13. Probably hormonal bc or an IUD. Honestly ppl who say they are “done with two” don’t usually follow NFP for 10-15 years…

  14. I’m not surprised by the downvotes but also don’t think I’m wrong on this one

  15. Oooh, I like! I’m a 10/12 and would love to follow more mid-size bloggers! They’re all either 0/2 or plus size!

  16. Can you imagine seeing some bratty kid throwing a tantrum, and your instinct is to go up to the horror child and say 'your mama loves you so much'. Hillary's brain does not work properly. All she does is lie, and she's SO bad at it.

  17. She’s just getting started. With her obsessive nature and insatiable need for attention, this will get bad.

  18. I predict at least one more “fatal allergy” related post within the next month

  19. Cue the rainbow-fication of corporate logos everywhere!

  20. Except in their Middle Eastern markets of course ;)

  21. Where the f is east gwillimsbury (did I even spell that right)?

  22. America is such an embarrassing nation. I pity genuine people who live in that country.

  23. America is about to hit peak cringe. Everything is like a parody…

  24. When you and your wife share wigs 😌😌

  25. Is there nothing between a raging trad and crazy lib??

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