1. Thank god sunsets are starting to get a little later

  2. Got stuck before the tunnel once when there were all those avalanches on i-70. It was taking so long that a guy got out and started skiing the mini hill on the median between the west and east lanes

  3. Señor Burrito on 1st & Broadway. $7 for a decent sized handheld breakfast burrito. My go to is egg, potato, chorizo, green chile and cheese inside, it’s delicious.

  4. Their chile relleno burrito is soooo good

  5. Love this! Did you have to wait a while to get the timing or did you come across it at the perfect time?

  6. TLDR: Democrats say they want to ease the testing burden, saving teachers and students time and stress. And save the state more than $1 million each year

  7. Can I invite him over to my neighborhood?

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