1. Yes he is. Drax could hold his own against Warlock while he was just an insect against Ronan.

  2. well Maeve no sells spending armoured vehicles and reacts to point blank assault rifle fire with mild annoyance so it's not like she's impaired to be wall level either.

  3. Those two feats you mentioned are wall level…Also her arm broke by holding a bus.

  4. In GvK? He's confirmed stronger than Ghidorah and GvK Godzilla is post-thermo. Bro got some major buffs in canon and visually.

  5. The amp doesn't last forever. Thermo-mode ended when he killed Ghidorah, it's quite obvious.

  6. The amp was temporary, that's why Godzilla is not red nor has an energy aura in GvK.

  7. Yes, if Canelo was a drunk stumbling his way out of a bar

  8. Why everyone that posts those garage videos has light heavy bags. Geeez, I can never work with those, I hate how they keep flying all around.

  9. I hate that too. It’s just a cheap beginner bag that I bought when I was 16. I actually made it heavier than it was. Still too light.

  10. Comic characters fight all the time on Earth and don’t destroy everything. Doesn’t mean they’re weak.

  11. Why is the ground so flat and solid. It looks extremely fake.

  12. I think Dana is kind of scared of PFL buying Bellator. He even sounds jealous when he says he can’t understand how PFL raised 280 million from the Arabs.

  13. hes 23 and looks better on the feet than in his last outing. hes got time, let him improve against some lower level guys before judging his potential

  14. I used to think the same..."He's young", "He'll improve". But he already has 16 professional fights and he's still so slow and sloppy. He's not even top 25 material.

  15. I seriously don't get what's the problem with athletes using PEDs to improve their conditioning and recovery and give better performances.

  16. Aljo really takes advantage of that stupid grounded rule

  17. Only if we’re talking MMA. ONE has hands down the best strikers of any combat sports promotion

  18. How is Anderson not the middleweight GOAT?! The dude went up a weight class just for funsies because he had decimated the division. He has the longest win streak and title reign in UFC history, most title defenses, most finishes, most KO's.

  19. The one that was available at the time. It'd be silly to discredit his career because of the era he fought in.

  20. So fighting against more talented fighters does nothing to your legacy? It all depends on how many you beat, regardless of how good they are? If Anthony Smith went to UFC 1 and destroyed his low-level era opposition for 10 consecutive years, accumulating a 40 win streak, would he be the GOAT?

  21. Casi un 30% menos que en 2018. Y en términos reales ni te cuento…

  22. Porque en 2018 hubo un pico bastante poco habitual.

  23. https://apps.fomento.gob.es/bdotle/visorBDpop.aspx?i=344

  24. Salikhov should be fighting someone ranked. He’s very good and entertaining but he’s old too.

  25. Salikhov vs Barboza needs to happen. Two guys with amazing kicks that are too old to hang with the younglings.

  26. Your butt is flat and your attempt to sell your OF pathetic.

  27. Juicy. But his upper and lower legs are very unimpressive for a juicer. When your a juicy, your lower body should get dense just from light exercises like jumping jacks or skipping. Not sure why his lower half is not responding to the juice like his upper half is.

  28. Yeah I understand. I think it's easier said than done when the plan is: Just go knock out the dude that is beating you in the striking and isn't as tired as you are

  29. Obviously it's not easy, but that was his only chance. Low probability of it happening but you never know if you never try.

  30. Dan Henderson is a can??? Forrest Griffin? Stephen Bonnar? Vitor Belfort? Damien Maia? Chael Sonnen? Are you crazy??

  31. I love when teenagers come in with no knowledge and just go "this guy came later when skillets got to evolve more, therefore he is better" and hinge it on sweeping generalizations. Same shit in every sport now

  32. I’m not saying he beat only cans but he definately had an easier path than Izzy. He was never as polished as a striker as Izzy and his TD defense was worse too. He got tagged way more times than Adesanya against way worse strikers(Chael and Weidman, mainly).

  33. He could, but he's all but abandoned his wrestling background.

  34. Only caffeine? I mean, I take a lot of caffeine too but I don’t look like you! Shame on me I guess.

  35. I genuinely don't know what "natty" even means these days, but I never cycle of used steroids or used HGH if that's the question.

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