1. I’ve never gotten nauseous over graphic content, but animal gore makes me physically uncomfortable for hours after seeing it. 1 boy 2 kittens fucked me up hard - it was my first time seeing that sort of thing. I grew up kind of sheltered in some ways, so seeing that, and just seeing what awful things are out in the world scarred me.

  2. I have to go with Dreamer, simply because it’s what got me into him. Shot In The Dark is a super SUPER close second.

  3. I always give them really REALLY light colored eyes. I just think it makes them that much more attractive- not implying dark eyes aren’t attractive! Simply a personal preference, I’m a sucker for light colored eyes.

  4. I personally loved it! It’s not nearly as scary as some of his other work, which I personally like - it’s a nice change when he writes more mellow content. But yes, definitely check it out! :)

  5. I’m surprised I haven’t seen the Jay & Silent Bob filming being mentioned. Like come on, now - seriously? Jay & Silent Bob?? In a HIGH SCHOOL??? It’s a no from me.

  6. I always loved the way he reassured Andy, when he first became manager - I’m mainly thinking of the butt tattoo incident. It was just a nice moment of Jim trying to help boost his self esteem - even if it was partially his fault Andy got put in that predicament lol.

  7. I admire him opening up about his personal life to help spread awareness! ❤️

  8. I initially got The Ozzman Cometh, and it was game over from there. I’ve loved that man for 20+ years because of that album. ❤️

  9. Helter Skelter fkn SLAPS - Cry Little Sister is a close second for me!

  10. As much as I absolutely love AC/DC, Bon Scott’s voice can be a bit much at times. It’s just so nasally, but j still love listening to then

  11. I came here to give this exact response. He has an extremely distinct voice, and it is very much an acquired taste lol. Have you heard his earlier stuff, though? He sounds totally different!

  12. I fkn love that man. It’s sad to me he does not get more love - in my opinion he doesn’t, anyway. He has such a unique voice, and just a unique sound in general. He and Jim really meshed well, they made an awesome duo and it’s a shame they both are gone.

  13. I guess I didn’t realize that was a thing? I personally love the whole series, there isn’t a part of it I dislike. If anything, I find it hilarious how extra they are in the beginning. But that’s me, everyone is different.

  14. She is going to have the cutest little behbeh! 😻

  15. That’s it, push yourself boys! It’s not a party if you don’t do something that scares ya.

  16. I personally absolutely love the series. But paranormal has always been my favorite ‘branch’ of the horror genre.

  17. Theistic Satanism is something which has piqued my interest, but I just don’t know where to start in regards to learning more. If anyone has advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

  18. I miss him so much…hands down, my favorite one from the bunch. ❤️

  19. The Blair Witch Project is the only proper answer IMHO. The tent scene still gets me to this day, man…

  20. Fucking up my credit. Still trying to fix that shit in my 30s…

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