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  1. Never seen a Daihatsu here, not sure if it's ever been sold in Canada! Looks like a Suzuki at first glance. Was really clean for a 30 year old car!

  2. How can i identify a robinson helicopter?

  3. I think it's the best selling civilian helicopter... They're mostly 2 or 4 seaters (R22 or R44) but a bigger version is on the plans (R66). To me, the most easily spotted feature is the sort of pilon on witch the rotor is mounted and the bubble like cockpit... Not sure if it helps!

  4. Sweet! Thanks! Ill just avoid helicopters like ive been doing most of my life lol

  5. Lol! Nice! Me, I've never had the opportunity to ride one... But I would if I could! Even if it's a Robinson...

  6. I’m hoping to come out on the other side as nice as yours. What state are you in that you could open already? I have at least another month.

  7. He said California! Lucky them... mine is still full of snow... I usually start it up around the beginning of may... Might be later this year

  8. I don't think it's solar as in electric solar panels but as in black tube coil to circulate water trough. Something like that

  9. I'm a programmer and those things are all correct about me, but none of my co-workers or uni classmates who are developers now are like that. They all are extroverts and have very normal and desirable social life and lots of friends. They're even sick and tired of working from home and always trying to find an excuse to go to the office 🤣 I thought coding is a proper job for me because I don't need to have communication skills but I was very wrong. There's no way you can be successful in this job without good communication skills.

  10. Extroverts were jealous of us... So they invented ways of taking over our world! They've invented pair programming, scrums, PI, agile stuff... They added meetings, endless meetings to our jobs!

  11. Thats very possible, they have a website already to do this.

  12. They won't, they don't make military vehicles. The tried to make a "search and rescue" version of the V22 and the pulled it out of their inventory after some anti war groups pointed out that the V22 has never been used out of military context.

  13. It's backwards, the tractor should be in the front

  14. The tractor IS in the front and pulling the tank backwards. Both vehicles are facing in opposite directions.

  15. Here's mine, while I was building the ISS last December

  16. I'm sorry to inform PCM that this kind of takes from part of the Left are quite normal. The "ministry for equality", which sounds a little to Orwellian for my liking and it's garbage takes bastardize feminism and the fight for women's rights, I think.

  17. That would be Minequal? Miniequi? Miniquity?

  18. "Jvais atterrir sur la 15..." Youtube VASAVIATION Québec. The guy had carb icing, didn't make it back to the airport, had to land on the highway next to the IKEA

  19. My dog, @leo_lasaucisse, is now following you! While I wasn't as angry as you about having a dog, I wasn't the most enthusiastic either... Now, 3 and a half years later, it's my dog, he's the center of my life and I love him with all my heart I was mostly angry about the cat... Which I now like and I'm at peace with... Now my wife wants an other dog so she could have a dog that loves her as much as Leo loves me... But I will just end up with two dogs after me!

  20. Definitely authoritarian, economically on the left (dare I say far left) but socially, not so much... 🙄

  21. C'est un pléonasme ça, monsieur.

  22. Dogs not allowed in Quebec's "national" parks... Dick move from my government!

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