1. Personal opinion, which I understand not everyone would agree with:

  2. I’m sure this isn’t true, it just feels like the second I change my tactics/formation I concede a goal. So in basically eliminated any “defensive” tactics in my presets, so the “ultra defensive slot” is basically my default and it only gets more attacking from there. In the situation you describe, I basically get more attacking and try and get a second, especially if the opponent is better than me and pressing. Recently I’ve tried moving FB Pogba into a central CAM position and then just lobbed passes into him; he wins a lot of those balls and it’s a fairly safe (albeit inefficient) way of starting a counter attack while not conceding a sloppy goal to constant pressure.

  3. I’ve been playing Mane on 1 chemistry with HM Koulibaly and he’s still be excellent for me as a winger.

  4. WC Hero Marchisio. Yeah he’s good. But I would rather have the 1.3M coins for other areas.

  5. Don’t use the phone app, that’s why it’s messing up

  6. Do you mean don’t use the phone app ever? Or just to check your tactics? Thanks - I’ve been wondering why that happens for a long time.

  7. Just FYI, I believe blues are out of packs in approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes (i.e. content time, wherever you are). So if you want to make a push, do it now. Future Stars starts very soon.

  8. A card I've never seen played against me in WL is the PTG Pulisic. I have guys like Di Maria and Bale, but for whatever reason Pulisic seems to have an extra gear to turn the corner and a fun left stick. I use him with Deadeye and he's banged in a lot of goals for me (150 in 216 games, mostly Rivals/Champs) from the LW spot. He's very weak and gets bodied off the ball, but I mostly just use him for tiki-taka passing and quick shots, and he plays that role well for me. There are much better options now, but he's still a club mainstay for me.

  9. Are you throwing special card that don't make your main XI into this? That's a fairly large ask without throwing a bunch of 90's and 89s into it.

  10. Thank you again , one last annoying question. With friendlies do I still get a chance to get cards? My FUT is below average right now I don’t want to get creamed online yet lol

  11. Friendlies is roughly skill based matchmaking, so you’ll have a decent go. Play the modes that give you packs. Right now, you can play the TOTY Cup. Just playing (not even winning) 8 games to conclusion gets you some ok packs to try and get cards. There aren’t really any guaranteed cards from Friendlies right now except in Silver Lounge (the silver card only game mode). GL.

  12. You my friend have been more helpful and straight to the point than all the YouTube videos I’ve watched thank you so much 🫡

  13. No problem, happy to help. Enjoy the game.

  14. At least you got an 85. I got all 84s.

  15. Yehp. Me. Especially after the WL I had. Having a son I have to push myself to play and this garbage gameplay is my reward? No thanks, I need to finish Far Cry Primal so I can start Ghost of Tsushima

  16. GoT is a work of art. Enjoy it sir.

  17. These SBC price debates are always a bit difficult to resolve unless the price is SOOOO good that there's truly no debate. Look at some of the factors people would consider just for Mbappe:

  18. Champs is, for me, by far the easiest mode to play, which is weird. I’m Div 2 and it took me 30 games to win 8; but I won my first 5 games in Champs easily. It’s the only mode where I can play with theme teams (nation, team, etc) and actually not get destroyed. I don’t know how we got to this point, but it seems backwards.

  19. It's because champs matchmaking is entirely form-based, so you are playing against people in similar form to yourself.

  20. Thanks - yeah my question was a bit more rhetorical, as in it doesn’t make sense to me the weekly Rivals mode is sweatier than the game modes you qualify for. I’m certain the SBMM in friendlies is a huge factor in this.

  21. I've given up on De Paul too. That meant that I had to bench Di Maria, but overall it felt better with Bellegarde as box to box and Payet as LW.

  22. I couldn't get on with Payet or DePaul, both were used in the Zidane SBC, but damn if Payet doesn't destroy me every time I play against him. Punishment for the disrespect, maybe :).

  23. Do you have a lot of coins? I would bet Mbappe would be something like 90-89-89-88-88-88-87 or something like that at the high end. I'd guess the cost would come in at 2.1-2.5M cost from scatch, so you're current fodder might get one 89 and one lower level squad (87). If you spend 100-200K you might get the highest squads done.

  24. One thing I do when I start premium SBCs like this one (Jairzinho, Zidane, WC Keane) is to try and make the highest rated squad, then flip over to Futbin and see how much I have LTC (left to complete). Unless I have a bunch of packs saved (which you might, a lot of people have some very good packs stored), I try to make sure I can get the LTC number close to the amount of coins I have left so there's no chance I'll get stuck not being able to complete it. Something like this, with a long time period, and the potential for fodder packs, I'd be less concerned. But I would still try and up your coin balance, maybe sell some players (the market is a bit up right now) try to at least have 500K before you start.

  25. Prime Torres. Going to see if he displaces WC Hero Keane, who has almost 700 games for me.

  26. First point, I don't think you're an average player. The average FIFA player isn't qualifying for WL. I think people (including myself) like to say that, but it's probably a Div 5-6 player who doesn't play champs/WL.

  27. Been saving packs for TOTY even though I know I ain’t packing a crap. When was the last time y’all packed a TOTY?

  28. Last time was at the end of FIFA 22 in the 85x10 repeatable :). Not for nothing but I was still using a TOTY Kante I got in July or whatever at the end of the game.

  29. Depends, but I'm someone who likes to do SBCs. If I pack a promo card, it's just a bonus. I almost always take fodder packs from swaps, and I always take the double untradeable packs from Rivals every week. I don't open them unless there is a SBC I want to do though, or during a great promo. I'm going to take mine this week and hold until full TOTY are in packs, although I fully expect to get nothing. I'm assuming one of the good SBCs will be live then.

  30. Buddy I can’t control my defense this year, my games end up 4-5 and I can’t stop getting scored on. Luckily my output is high. Tips?

  31. Feel free to disregard, but what really helped me was two things 1) putting coins/resources into my CB/FB/getting lucky (I packed WW Tomori and Capdevilla); but more than that, 2) being patient on defense.

  32. I think this is the tip for me, I’m always missing tackles right outside my 18 and it leaves me wide open

  33. Trust me, me too :). Good luck. Basically two tips took me from 11 to 14 wins in WL - using less 2nd man press/more patience, and not using sprint as much on offense unless I had a clear path around a defender.

  34. Yeah it’s the most obvious DDA you’ll see. I don’t even understand how people can deny it when at this point you have thousands of clips each fifa of players making laughable mistakes that specifically happen in the 45th/90th or extra time, often when the score is close. It goes both ways though, you will also win the same amount due to bullshit, but it’s so obvious.

  35. Me neither. Most of us play 1000s of games a year, and it's insane how often you score/get scored upon in the 45th/90th minute. Sometimes my kids watch me play, and if it's 3-2 and the opponent has the ball in the 88th minute, I'll tell them "watch, they're going to score" and they think I'm intentionally letting it happen to prove myself right. Doesn't matter how well you defend or pass, it just happens.

  36. I think it depends on what your goal is for TOTY. Some people want to try and pack a TOTY. Others have traded all year to get coins to buy one. Another option is to use the upgrade packs and fodder to complete a high end SBC if you haven’t already (Zidane, Jairzinho) or to wait for one that is coming (last year we had flashback Varane at 1M coins, he was in almost every team until the end of the year).

  37. PTG Pulisic. Got him untrade when he was in packs over the holidays, he’s great on the wing for me. Also convenient for a Serie A PL hybrid where I have WW Tomori and Dest.

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