1. Cats are just psycho. It’s part of their charm. I don’t think a place to socialize cats with each other is really a thing the way it is with dogs… cats are generally solitary, while dogs are pack animals.

  2. One of the recent things that was passed here in Kansas during the big abortion vote had to do with recalling county sheriffs, guess you can no longer do that 🤷‍♂️

  3. Oh, you still can (although the process is also still needlessly burdensome to the point of being useless), it just gave the state AG the authority to fire Sheriffs at will, as this was another legislative knee-jerk response to COVID and giving Topeka the ability to force sheriffs to toe the line. It’s hugely problematic, and it doesn’t really provide any meaningful benefit.

  4. Jean Valjean. His relationship with Cosette is nuanced and beautiful. Borne from a slight, excusable oversight (he trusted his foreman to adjudicate a dispute between two workers in his factory fairly), he inadvertently permits Fantine’s ruin and takes a fathers role in Cosette’s life.

  5. Sir Sam Vimes, of the city watch (Discworld series)

  6. Network engineering is a role that is largely remote these days.

  7. I met just such a cat when visiting ancient Olympia. She was a calico waiting at the start of the tour to collect head scritches as payment from all the tourists.

  8. Comically expensive per pound, but way cheaper than the big supermarket chains.

  9. Yes, I’m well aware, but what are “working papers”? Those are not a thing in the US.

  10. Don't. No abortion rights here. It's already killed a few.

  11. PP is on OP and readily accessible to all kansas citians in MO.

  12. Ya, but will you be tried as a felon in your own state for doing it? Or helping somebody else to? Moving here for a job just enables this type of politics. If people wouldn't, then business would move to better states. And when business move out of your state your state loses money, and when your state loses money politicians start to care... about the loss of money, not like the people or anything.

  13. Wear whatever you're comfortable wearing. I go to those shows and symphony concerts regularly, and I've learned that you don't have to dress fancy.

  14. It can be fixed, but is it gonna be less than a new phone? Probably not.

  15. True, in the sense that "WiFi" is a trade alliance formed in 1999. However, wireless inter-computer communication was common at technical settings throughout the 90s, e.g., I used to use Digital's

  16. WiFi in the sense of 802.11 didn’t exist - they originally called it wireless Ethernet, until they realized that was probably a bad idea due to implied expectations of it supporting everything Ethernet did…

  17. Ecuador in general has good cellular and telecom infrastructure (most residences have fiber service, as the country pretty much skipped right over copper landlines). Only downside is that most cell sites have only fiber backhaul and no fixed wireless infrastructure to speak of to use as a backup, which really made a mess of things after the earthquake in 2016.

  18. You also don’t know by looking at it if that rocker switch is tied to a caseta switch on the other end.

  19. That is was what I was thinking but was looking for some confirmation.

  20. If you have two DHCP servers that are running in HA, and only one sends the offer, that should work out OK, but if both send an offer, which one the client ACKs may vary wildly depending on network conditions and which offer gets to the client first - and that may skew any analytics on DHCP performance since it may see a lot of offers not getting ACKed.

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