1. Yes. That scruffy guy was raiding our neighbor’s trash. Looked pretty hungry.

  2. Or would you have the original video I could use the same way?

  3. you may want to try posting on the teslamotorsclub site

  4. Those wheels look so good on that car.

  5. No. All admissions will be released by April 1.

  6. Looking at the parties of the agreement the seller is Elizabeth Newland widow of George[?] Newland. Also mentions John Newland, and a name I can't make out "Samuwell? and Sarah.

  7. I’m going to use it to steal the Declaration of Independence.

  8. this perspective is amazing! It gives such scale to the mountains.

  9. I think that every time I drive into town on 36.

  10. Wanna know what you're playing for? A D&D session with Jeff

  11. And if there is something hidden in the voting booth at Tribal like a lot of people suspect, maybe the clue to it will be in the movie… dun dun DUN!! (Personally, I would write xyzzy on the parchment and see what happens.)

  12. Matt and Frannie win a "dorky magnet" date which Jeff horribly third-wheels by calling shotgun once again

  13. Dungeons & Dragons trailer has entered the chat

  14. That would be so awesomely bad. And since Jeff said this season was gong to be “electric”, I would hope that a challenge winner would win an electric truck and get to pick someone to see the D&D movie while sitting in the bed of the truck. Oh please please please please please.

  15. More like a breakfast taquito! That thing is tiny!

  16. The layoffs will continue until Mark has a decent idea. NFT’s and Metaverse ain’t it.

  17. I’ve always been partial to Cisco’s, but at $13.75 I don’t think qualify as cheap. Authentic though!

  18. Just started watching this last night, from someone's recommendation here yesterday.

  19. It is crazy. (Unfortunately my original post got deleted for being generic/off-topic. Oh well.

  20. Hut’s Hamburgers, the Dagwood Special (2 for 1 on Wednesdays!)

  21. This is actual solid advice. You might see them listed as “traction control devices” or “micro-spikes”. Like these:

  22. It would be really nice if they would simply expand the triggers available to Alexa routines from just “Person” to also include all of the Cam Plus filters like “Vehicle”, “Pet”, “Package”. Such a simple change, and it would make Wyze cams so much more useful.

  23. No idea what you're talking about. Driven that stretch every day* for 25yrs. iPhone + AT&T

  24. Remember when giant armadillos used to attach Lone Star Beer trucks?

  25. What years are you kennedys? 1964 are 90% silver and 1965-1970 are 40% silver

  26. Almost all 1965-1969. A handful of 1964’s.

  27. The headline on the cover of Newsweek was “AVALANCHE”

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