1. Hey what's that bot you can summon that does summaries on news articles

  2. I love how you worded “what’s that bot you can summon” made me laugh I’m weird I know lol

  3. I’m curious. We know the reports of BK following the girls in IG was false, but someone has screenshots of BK’s Spotify playlist & he was following MM & KG. I don’t have Spotify so I don’t know how it works. Could someone change their name on Spotify like all the fake IG accounts? therefore it not really being BK? The account has been deleted now.

  4. If he was following them on any social media or apps it’ll come out in the trial since they collected his electronics and stuff

  5. Besides this hilarious shit, i wonder why she in particular gets on my nerves like no other. Like i’m pissed just taking a glance at her.

  6. Does she even promote SKKN anymore? I’m not on social media much so I don’t see everything.

  7. I honestly don’t think it has one single thing to do with money. I know if it was my child… the money wouldn’t matter at all. He lost his daughter in the most brutal way possible.

  8. Not sure why you’re being downvoted? I agree with you. I don’t think this is about money or clout at all. You never know what grief will do to a person and the G family lost K in such an unexpected, terrible way of course they want answers and an explanation for it to make some kind of sense. I think it’s great the way the G family has spoken up since this tragedy happened and kept attention going for the case. Has SG said some stuff he probably regrets? I’m sure he has but to judge him and the family for how they’re acting after such a devastating loss to their family is unfair.

  9. I love all seasons and don’t have a favorite but seasons 2 and 3 have some of the best episodes (IMO)

  10. I looked at this picture 5 times and thought that was Khloe on the left each time. I thought it was cool Khloe was hanging out with a sister only by marriage, but now I see it's Kendall 😂😂😂

  11. Spike can drink me like a goddamn chalice, he was stupidly hot

  12. It’s so much bigger than just BK. It’s coming soon and when it’s gonna blow your mind bc it blew mine!!!!

  13. it’s so unsettling, especially bc of the tragedy that that was astroworld this last year, people lost their lives and she’s recreating a version of it for her daughter?? (for the third year in a row btw) edit: I just saw further down someone say that this pic isn’t from this year?? so idk but i still stand by what I said

  14. Stormi is probably sick of her birthday parties all being the same every year. When I was a kid it was so much fun picking a different theme for my birthdays.

  15. I take baths almost nightly and have a giant tub like hers but can’t imagineee how uncomfy her tub would be! You can’t even lay back or anything… even with a bath pillow it just would not work😬

  16. I have this argument with my bf all the time. My 9yr dog has always been on the sofa and on the bed. His dog used to be on the sofa too. And I feel like it’s taking a lot of my quality of life away when I can’t snuggle her like that anymore.

  17. Damn where is your dog allowed in the house according to your bf?? Some advice… BREAK UP WITH HIM!!!! He sounds like a real asshole.

  18. They've had to shut down multiple libraries in the metro area due to meth contamination 😒😒 ...including boulder

  19. This is crazy but can you explain how the libraries are being contaminated with meth?

  20. My mom recently passed. She had a collection of half dollar coins ….my sister found a half dollar in her back pocket when she got home after leaving the hospital. She hadn’t even used cash so she didn’t have any change on her, except the half dollar.

  21. After my boyfriend passed away I kept finding change all over my place and it was driving me crazy cause I’d pick up a penny or nickel and put it into this little glass jar and next day there’d be another that wasn’t there the day before. I never use cash, only cards so it wasn’t from me and no one had been over that would have left it. Kept happening. One day I was messaging his mom and she told me how his dad had found a stack of coins in their work shed and she kept finding coins in her robe pocket that hadn’t been there before and I told her how I’d been finding coins all over my apartment appearing out of nowhere. She said she had them all saved in a little box and I told her how I’d been saving all the ones I had found as well, in the glass jar. Normally I’d have put the change in my wallet where it belongs but something made me save these coins in one special place. Definitely signs from him to us.

  22. But this is exactly what she wanted. That card was the best one to play to get housed in the cushiest women’s Club Fed. She’ll be right there with Elizabeth Holmes. I’m actually very surprised Julie Christie isn’t joining them. But I think she wanted to be “housed” closer to her children. Let’s see how often they visit.

  23. Terrifying moment. Right nextdoor to my parents house and within 15 mins of mine. I called my mom right when i heard the news and she was crying because she was running late and was supposed to be there grocery shopping. Originally the news told us that there were multiple wounded and 1 confirmed shot by the gunman. Afterwards there were none when it was updated. This situation has led me and my mother to enroll in a concealed carry course... wtf do u do if ur stuck inside with one of these psychos?

  24. Glad you and your mom are okay! And that you’re both taking concealed carry courses

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