1. Achiuwa on the team's defensive slippage: "I think it's very frustrating to know that you're capable of doing something but you're underachieving in that particular area... We know as a unit what we can do defensively and us not living up to that potential is kinda frustrating"

  2. Powell: “Kawhi is Kawhi, no matter what.” He did say that Leonard has been a bit more interactive with his teammates, joking around and whatnot, with the Clippers than he was in Toronto, where he was “all business”

  3. “I miss my teammate” chris Boucher says about Precious Achiuwa. Says they were a tag team and now he is solo. But says the Raptors need him

  4. “There’s so many things I’m not following & its just suggestion, suggestion, suggestion. So, stupid me, I unfollowed everybody to see if it helped. It didnt help. Somebody caught wind of it & said I unfollowed my teammates. I unfollowed my mom too they didnt care about that part”

  5. VanVleet, who's 5-for-28 from 3 over the last 4 games: "It hasn't been pretty out there for me personally. So just gotta go back to the drawing board, find ways to be successful. And I'll do that. I'm not concerned about it."

  6. Does seeing Siakam make Barnes want to get in the gym to work on some new things? "Low key, low key."

  7. Anunoby on playing the entire 2nd half/guarding Luka: “It’s definitely tough, having to pick up full court and then on offence trying to make some stuff happen, try to make some spots, try to have the legs to do all that. It’s just mental toughness, just trying to be tough.”

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