1. sorry mate I said it in another comment but I only go on reddit after an eagles game in the eagles sub reddit so I haven't seen these helmet posts

  2. Don’t stress too much, some people are overly nasty on here. To answer your question, the biggest preventative method the AFL has is prevention via banning and disincentivising acts that could lead to concussions. Hence to crackdown on sling tackles and bumps.

  3. From the outside looking in it looks like Matty Spangher needs to address:

  4. This is very raw consideration, but is it possible with point 1 that defenders are preventing their leads on their prefered side ?

  5. People (both media and this sub) underestimated the significance of their injuries last year. Worst of any club in terms of importance to team

  6. Am I right to assume Burt comes off as the villain in all this?

  7. Besides what’s been reported, I’ve heard personally he’s a tosser

  8. It’s a stacked draft isn’t it. Butters based on his current form is who I would love to have but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the King brothers finish with the better career

  9. In what world does he help us? Our ball use going forward is horrible to start with, but all that would end up happening would be he and gawn/Grundy stand on top of each other, and then have opposition move off on the rebound even faster.

  10. Yeah the petty forward experiment was a cute magnet throw but it just ain’t it

  11. AFL among those who got sucked in to the hype in the off-season and gave them prime time slots

  12. Joel Smith, JVR, Fritsch + resting ruck is one of the worst forward lines I've seen from a Top 4 side in recent memory, particularly stunning given that Ben Brown had a decent game for Casey last week and the best our forward line has looked all season was in the opening rounds with him in the side.

  13. Nah man Smith is going to light up the league, just you watch

  14. Nothing would make me happier, truly, but I have little confidence haha

  15. He’s a bit erratic, but I’d much prefer his ability to take a contested grab over someone versus TMacs flat footedness. He’s also less of a risk if he plays forward compared to his time down back

  16. The Pies bloke looks like Campbell Brown if he acted as his 12 year old self

  17. on track for beast season by a wingman in last 7 years 😴

  18. Personally love all of them, because they remind of footy cards from the early 2000s

  19. This would be such a good get for the Crows. For a team that is surging and likely to play finals, they would compete without him but they are in a position to forgo the draft and target free agents (particularly SA players who may be enticed to come home).

  20. Think it's going to be tough for us. Injuries and the slow start didn't help, but what's worse is we've dropped games to a lot of teams around our range (Carlton, GC, Richmond, Freo, GWS).

  21. Any idea why they tried SDK forward last weekend ?

  22. You shouldve seen the amount of boomers declaring that after 5 or 6 decades of supporting Port that they'd switch to the Crows or back to their old VFL side because they renamed to Yartapuulti for Nicholls round

  23. Dees fans condemning Naarm because of our 1-4 record despite the fact Yartapulti and Walyalup are undefeated

  24. I'll be so fucking salty if Geelong do get Naismith. Dude is such a naturally gifted ruckman but had 0 luck with us. 3 Knee reco's is brutal. I want him to find success in footy but I just wish it was with us. I understand Sydney's decision to let him go though.

  25. I love Nais but it would be so brutal if he went to a team like Geelong and went injury-free for 1-2 seasons. He’s extremely talented

  26. The point you make about the focus on defence is definitely something that flies over the head of very casual fans.

  27. You won’t hear the media say this because it’ll throwing their mates under the bus

  28. I blame the media. Everyone should say this narrative and the media won't report on themselves being the blame.

  29. It's easy to blame the media but isn't it their job to do exactly as they do? Find me a sporting code of this level or greater that doesn't have a similar media landscape.

  30. As soon as I say Payne out, I tipped Adelaide (in conjunction with Brisbane’s away issues). Payne has been so good this season and important for Brisbanes defensive structure.

  31. Smokey for me is Adelaide. I reckon they can get into 5th or 6th spot and make 2016 dogs run. So many of their players are game changers and they have Darren Burgess.

  32. Thanks for sharing this very rational post. I’m not sure if you’re in any of the FB forums but people have lost their minds over there, so it’s nice to read some positivity and logic for a change.

  33. Melbourne Demons Uncensored is a unique breed of nuffery and can’t look away

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