1. change the pcie lanes to x8 and you’ll be able to get into windows. download the latest bios and update it. then switch it back to x16 and you’ll be good to go.

  2. I'd love to have an archive as well. Luckily I have saved a lot of stuff, a few threads, many pictures, many messages etc. back then. But diving back into it would be nice.

  3. I will triple check the cable to the commander. I have the 3 pin connected to the CPU fan header.

  4. 95% of the time it’s the cable not plugged in all the way to the commander core. hope it solves your issue.

  5. I will have to check it out tonight. Just because in not use to the AIO pumps is the 3pin supposed to be plugged into the CPU fan header or the API pump head? Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

  6. I have this case and had this exact same issue.

  7. I looped on top of each fan on my 5000d to the pwm hub. I went out the side versus straight back

  8. i think i’m gonna do that. i took out the pwm hub and rgb hub because i’m gonna use two commander codes.

  9. Hello! You can. Be sure to run the wizard on iCUE so that they can be detected accordingly.

  10. If you can add LL’s instead of QL’s and not affect aesthetics the LL’s are a much better unit. Imo.

  11. i’m using the lls as intake for the most part but they are better fans than the ql’s. the back X design is fine with me tho much better than the spiral on the ML’s and SP’s

  12. I can’t imagine how annoying running fans at 2200rpm would be…

  13. Yes! The commander core XT can mix and match different searing of fans. All you need to do is run the setup wizard and let iCUE run the auto detection.

  14. sweet! i ended up going with the white ll’s because they’re more powerful than the ml elites and look way nicer.

  15. Yes, the Commander Core allows mixing fans, it will create 2 groups during the lighting setup.

  16. I have ML120 for my build which is basically the same as yours besides I have the i7 13700k and the lcd h150 cooler. I think they are great. Definitely better than the SP120 from what I have read on them. I have 10ML's in my case and they are awesome. I believe the h150i cooler comes with 3 ML120 fans.

  17. thinking i’m gonna go with the MLs. just wish they had went for a better back design on them. a nice X would have been much better.

  18. The ML120 RGB elites for sure. They're essentially the same fans that come with the elite Capellix but at a slightly lower rpm since they don't have to push as hard through a radiator. I've previously used both the SP and ML fans and i personally think the RGB, while similar (both have 8 LEDs), looks slightly better on the ML fans. From my experience the transitions of colors look ever so slightly smoother on the ML. To be fair it might just be a result of slight manufacturing differences, so take that last bit with a grain of salt.

  19. i got blessed with snkrs pass yesterday. gonna drive downtown to pick my pair up in a little bit. good luck today boys.

  20. Is it wise to pay extra for a ‘matching’ mobo/GPU if you’re buying MSI’s lower end model? Just get a Z690 unless there’s some very specific reason you need a Z790.

  21. Most boards have a integrated chipset with additional PCI-E lanes for the NVME slots, generally the first slot is connected directly to the CPU lanes.

  22. There are people who use bots to buy them as soon as they become available.

  23. that isn’t happening anymore with GPUs. crypto mining is dead and the next gen of GPUs are coming out in a couple weeks. most retailers are putting their 30 series GPUs on sale now to clear out their inventory.

  24. I've had Covid twice now (not vaxed), and I have two ferrets. My ferrets are not caged and do everything with me—we sleep, eat, play, and bathe together. Now, ferrets are not cats, obviously, but as far as contagions are concerned, ferrets are even more prone to catching Covid than cats. I did not stop doing anything with my ferrets when I had Covid, and, yes, I think they both caught it from me when I had it the first time. The reason I say that is even though neither ferret was sick like I was, one did stop eating for three days, and the other had the sniffles for about three days. Curiously, I have read the same thing from other cat and ferret owners—that their pets became only mildly symptomatic and then were fine. Neither of my ferrets caught Covid from me the second time.

  25. hit on the taxi’s! size 13. finally something good. i’ve had covid all week. this is a nice fucking pair my friends.

  26. she didn’t end up taking it but she started feeling a whole lot better. i think she was just super congested when she woke up and it freaked her out.

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