1. Ginjo spent most of the arc as an actual ally until Tsukishima reversed the ability, did one cool thing and then got his ass handed to him in one of Bleach's most cinematic curbstomps.

  2. He was such a great good guy, becoming a villain felt half assed, and ruined his character development. Plus his cameo return was so stupid in the blood war arc.

  3. Ah, so you’ve not got to Tssereidnich yet I see.

  4. Tssereidnich is a true ladies man 👍

  5. And NFL Network cut it off to watch the Back ups play In Dallas v Denver

  6. Get In The Fucking R̶o̶b̶o̶t̶ Skin tight suit Shinji! - Based Gendo

  7. This is the best way to approach it. Looking at other pieces of manga/anime Netflix have adapted, I'm just hoping they don't butcher the story like they did with Death Note for example.

  8. As long as they don't try to make every character "quirky" and feel like SNL spin-off, this has a chance to be acceptable/watchable.

  9. people buying real estate in Arizona won't be alive in 20 or 30 years.

  10. Especially Scottsdale, it's basically a old folks community.

  11. For real man. Was looking forward to watching Summertime Rendering this season but it got acquired by Disney+ only for it not to be streamed in the west thus killing any popularity for it. I guess these services want me to sail the seven seas.

  12. Same with Bleach if the rumors are true about Disney plus buying that up and keeping it from being released in the west.

  13. I thought this was Mikasa fucking Eren's decapitated body from Attack on Titan

  14. Nice move. I wish it was a national holiday so more people could vote.

  15. That would require our government to give a shit, especially the long term ones in the senate.

  16. He's the the guy that never left his frat boy persona in college. And if he says anything racist, he would reply, "it's a joke"

  17. I remember when Halo 2 came out, I just graduated High School. I would spend every day playing the online multi-player, basically had no life outside the house. It was quite care-free until I realized I needed a job to pay for the DLC. 😆

  18. I feel like I know these clowns at this point. Seen these same damn faces for like 8 years now.

  19. I can't wait for Angry Joe's review on this. The create a character has been something he has really despised in his prior reviews.

  20. He committed treason, and likely guilty of espionage. He must be held accountable. Period.

  21. If Trump doesn't see jail time, no form of "punishment" will deter him, even if he cannot run for office again. It will be the same song and dance where he continues to victim blaming to create more extremists.

  22. I don’t mind the recycled celebration, but can we get a celebration where they aren’t wearing their helmets?

  23. Idea of evil aka final boss of series aka Pucks true form

  24. This is what gets me with my social anxiety lmao

  25. Exactly, our thoughts are our worst enemy.

  26. Nah, they aren’t that smart. Such is the thing about the severely emotionally compromised, they have the reasoning capability of toddlers.

  27. The far-right calling for civil war is just like Putins talks about nuclear weapons use. Which sounds threatening but never happens.

  28. The proportions are surprisingly accurate to the anime.

  29. You want me to post a photo wrestling with a shark or solving Riemann's hypothesis or what.

  30. If you can perform a stonecold stunner on a shark, you win the internet

  31. Is Fire and Blood as good as the rest of the SOIAF series? Minus the frustration of this being written instead of Winds of Winter?

  32. My main question is will it have a better story than Bran the Broken? /s

  33. He reminds me of of the standard pseudo intellectual that offers nothing of value except filler verbiage.

  34. If this is real it’s the most Orwellian shit I have ever seen in real life.

  35. Only thing missing is the cold dead smile of Bezos on the screen

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