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  1. Mmm that's the thing. She kinda had little tiny minor bumps for a bit but now suddenly they're way worse. We showed the vet when she went in for her surgery (she had to have eye surgery recently) and the vet basically said it was "dog acne"/or like a minor form of staph. They said we should clean her bowls a lot (which I already do daily, several times a day for the waters), clean her face often/after eating (which we've been doing), brush her teeth (which we do) and gave her some antibiotics.... but it's only gotten worse so I'm at a loss and figured I'd ask other owners for advice/ideas/suggestions/pro tips. I been searching the internet but it's just a lot of telling me to do things I'm already doing.

  2. Took mine to the vet for this when she was a pup, vet prescribed antibiotics and it cleared up. Soon as she finished the antibiotics they came back. Rang breeder for help, she said to wipe her mouth with mouthwash after eating or drinking and they cleared up for good! Mouthwash is an alcohol that dries up pimples and keeps the area clean. Works on humans too!!

  3. Hmm interesting. I keep getting conflicting info about which human products are okay for dogs but I will certainly look into this. And if it worked for your pup that is fantastic!

  4. I kept getting conflicting information from the vets! Good luck with your pup, they do grow out of it!

  5. I’ve always had trouble getting my girl to eat any brand of dry food and mixing in wet food (regardless of brand, I tried them ALL!) seemed to give her diarrhoea. I spoke to the vet who suggested a can of tuna mixed in with the dry food instead, worked a treat!

  6. Would be interesting to find out exactly what these are as I have 3! Sold to me as standard congos. Not sure if red moon as new leaves don’t look red/yellow enough, but definitely carrying the red/green variegation.

  7. Interesting. Maybe these are test plants trying to produce the red moons 😂 I'm going to see how it changes in my environment and maybe it'll be more clear what it is.

  8. Haha maybe!! I’ve had mine for a few years and they’ve stayed relatively the same…

  9. I use formulex from growth technology idk if is available in every country tho. Hope you can find it!

  10. Yes I have tried cbd and it helped a little. Now not so much, definitely doesn’t help during fireworks unfortunately. I will check in with the vet and see what they recommend. Thanks!

  11. Most Danes will get puppy acne, I’ve found wiping their face with mouthwash clears them up really quickly as it dries the pimples up. (Was told this by the breeder after spending $$$ at the vet which didn’t help!) Also works on human pimples too and doesn’t hurt!

  12. Plant is still thriving, no other leaves are like this and I haven’t had a chance to separate it…

  13. That's what I also thought but then read on some Facebook groups that a mosaic virus (such as DsMV) can stay latent and show asymptomatic growth. :(


  15. Awww that’s the best feeling and you deserve all the hugs!! I know it’s hard to trust again, but it looks like you picked a good one!! Someone who accepts your children as their own and chooses to be there definitely makes him a Dad!!

  16. I tried! We’re getting that look a LOT lately because someone’s finally realized he’s tall enough to reach the counter tops now!

  17. They’re worse than kids when you tell them off!! Mine will totally ignore me for ages if I’ve scolded her!! Such babies!!!

  18. You gotta leave them until they go wrinkly then they sweeten up.

  19. Catlord78 is correct and actually you should wait until they fall off the vine before eating them for max sweetness! If you’re cutting them off like this, they’re going to be sour.

  20. Yes usually I just go shake the vine and pick up anything that Falls off!

  21. Maybe just try let them sit on the bench for a little while then? Maybe it’s just that variety though, I have the purple ones that are usually a bit wrinkly when they fall…

  22. If that's the case then I will make him an appointment. Would be cool to know his weight too. I can't pick him up anymore. Last he weighed was 62 a few weeks back

  23. Originally took my Dane to the vets when she had pimples as I didn’t know what they were, vet put her on antibiotics, said it was an allergic reaction to something, soon as she came off the antibiotics, it came back. Did the listerine wash and wiping her face after every meal and drink and they cleared up completely!! Vet bills and medications for Danes can get quite expensive as they need more due to their size and some vets are too quick at prescribing medications when there are simpler ways to fix things.

  24. I’m going to try this. We have SS bowls we wash every day, tried an antibiotic, iodine a couple times a day, and nothing has worked! Vet bills are adding up!

  25. Yes they certainly do! Need to find a good vet that won’t just automatically go to medications to make $$! I’d gone to a new vet as it was closer to home and they wanted to run all these allergy tests which was going to cost me a couple hundred. Messaged the breeder and she recommended the listerine, worked amazingly!!! I’ve since gone back to my old vet, worth the drive and they are much more honest in their approach!!

  26. Best thing to do is show honest interest in the role and the company. Talk to them about things you’ve seen on their website and what made you apply to them. Explain how your past experience can help the role you’re applying to. Be confident (not arrogant) and talk with a smile!

  27. I have a birkin philodendron with these same spots. It's thriving - I've never treated the spots. I was told by someone in this group that they are common on philos and not to worry about them.

  28. Yes, very common on philodendrons!! I have several that are quite large and they all have these spots! Tried everything known to man, researched all toxins and deficiencies and nothing worked. Left them alone and they are thriving, even with the spots! One of my Congo’s is about 7 years old and about 6 foot tall, hasn’t impacted growth at all!

  29. Thanks for sharing! This definitely relieves my concern now that 2 people have thriving plants with spots!

  30. Nope, don’t mist any of my plants because my house is always quite humid and the ones that need it are in the bathroom. My Congo is sitting in a west facing window getting full afternoon sun and I do notice more spots in summer, but everyone I know with a Congo, has these spots, regardless of light or where they keep them or watering schedule, so really who knows why it happens!

  31. Don’t imagine it. Instead, give your Dane a boop on the nose from me

  32. Done! but ended up with a cuddle and a face full of slobber on my shoulder! That ones for you!!!

  33. Okay I will do that. I only watered her once during the last few days and I made sure she is not standing in the water. I really hope she survives me 😂

  34. Easiest way is to put it in the sink, water from the top until the water is freely coming out of the holes at the bottom and then leave to drain in the sink for a few hours.

  35. You’re very welcome! Enjoy your new plant baby and welcome to the club!!!

  36. Don’t know why but thought of Daphney when I saw her... think it’s those eyes! 🥰

  37. My leg was like this because I was recovering from ACL surgery. I'm no doctor, so take this with a grain of salt. But this is how it was explained to me. The knee recognizes something isn't right and pumps fluid around the joint to protect it. In my case, i tried to become active too fast after the surgery. Fluid in the joint kept my quads from firing.

  38. Thanks for that! They didn’t find anything wrong with the knee, no prior damage or injuries. We have no idea what is happening, it’s just been so long!

  39. Does anything else hurt? Might need to see a Rheumatologist to get your inflammatory markers checked. Sounds/looks like mine when I had Rheumatoid Arthritis set in @ 30 years old.

  40. Did you ever have any other signs of arthritis? Just his knee hurts and he can’t put a lot of pressure on it when he walks. Have gone to see a Chinese doctor as a last resort and they have said acid levels are extremely high, so we’re treating that to start with

  41. I let mine sleep in bed with me when I brought her home till she was about 2. Had to stop after she broke the second bed by getting way too excited to go to bed and taking running leaps onto the bed and breaking the support leg under the bed!! Now she has her own leather couch that doesn’t have legs!

  42. This is quite a common find and often an obnoxious pest. Doesn’t like to be watered directly and will produce its own fertiliser. A relative of the cactus family, it also produces ’spikes’ that are often very harmful to skin. Enjoys direct sunlight and can destroy other plants in the home if put in close proximity. My advice would be to repot it into a soft container and be careful, this species can be addictive if consumed by touch.

  43. I've been drenching the top soil with double the recommended concentration of Neem, they laugh at me and keep on coming. More drown in a nearby bucket of water than die from neem oil.

  44. You will need to water them thoroughly with the Neem oil for it to work. And you have to do all of your plants. Just what works for me though... great to see everyone giving advice as these things are a pain to plant lovers and obviously with different conditions different things work for different people

  45. i’ll try to get a hold of neem oil because i’ve heard great stuff about it, and the traps i think might be working at least a bit because i can tell the lee’s a difference with how many are flying around the room

  46. The traps will help but won’t stop them breading or laying eggs in the soil. Use it in conjunction with the Neem oil and you should be fine.

  47. I have one of these that is about 5 times the size of this one. Ever since it was small, it would get those little dots on the leaves. I got conflicting information whenever I tried to find out what it was. Everyone I knew with one, had the same little spots on the leaves! It did not damage the plant, wasn’t contagious and the plant keeps putting out new leaves every few weeks, so I would suggest to just leave it be.

  48. I moved it to a sunnier spot and seems like it's already perking up a bit. I also have a smaller rojo congo that gets spots on the leaves! Strange that it seems so common with these plants. Thanks for sharing!

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