r/qotsa Nightmare Setlist (audio)

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  1. You can find his latest setlists on setlist.fm however, his tour coming up will obviously be unknown until the first show

  2. Ah, yes, the "long break". That's like track 4 on Dave's greatest hits behind "it's gonna be a long night", "best album yet", and "here we go / are you ready"

  3. Can’t forget “we’re gonna keep playing until they f****** kick us off the stage”

  4. Maybe the real worst setlist was the friends we made along the way...

  5. Thank you for starting it! It has ended early but at the end of day when the most upvoted comment is about us not having any ideas left… I think it’s a good time to stop lol

  6. I’ll be trying to get tickets for Bristol & Southampton so hit me up anyone who wants to meet up at those shows :)

  7. They play When the Sun Goes Down right before sunset and when Alex says "They say it changes when the sun goes down" the band changes the song to Brick by Brick

  8. Thank you for trying again. It was so close yesterday!

  9. This also happened with parents randomly being shoved in "weird!" (The album) making it track 2

  10. I think he did that so the album gets more popularity

  11. 505 (with Miles Kane, but instead of playing guitar he grabs Alex’s microphone and starts singing My Mistakes Were Made For You by TLSP. It sounds awful and Miles feels awkward so he just leaves after the first verse without kissing Alex goodbye - the crowd start chanting “Milex Milex Milex” so he comes back out and kisses Alex who is visibly uncomfortable by the situation. Alex has to take a moment so Nick sings the next song).

  12. This will be hilarious if it wins. All of these ludicrous scenarios explaining why the song is bad and then it’s just this

  13. Only Ones Who Know (feat. an improv rap verse from a very out of breath Dizzee Rascal who just got here late and still wants to be a part of the show)

  14. Do I Wanna Know (but Alex decides that he doesn't wanna know, so they stop playing the song after the first pre-chorus)

  15. I think they could’ve done better with the track list.

  16. Having No Head (but Matty improvises lyrics and yodels when the beat drops)

  17. 1816 Zulu is 1916 UK time... Queen's death was announced at 4:30 PM UK time - or 1630

  18. Her death was announced around 18:30. Definitely not 16:30

  19. Yeah I know maybe. How many times does he say “hit that shit go hit that shit” ?🤣

  20. Having No Head (but Matty tries to improvise lyrics to make it more interesting)

  21. Alex finally finds his train of thought but the band refuses to play One Point Perspective again

  22. Finds his train of thought and remembers Dance Little Liar exists and plays that

  23. Honestly I would not start waiting that early. I’ve been Bournemouth before and I arrived an hour before doors and got barrier. Remember it’ll be January, don’t want you to freeze out there - stay safe!

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