1. The nurses I know would prefer to be doubled stuffed a different way

  2. You’re halfway to the perfect score! I was 304

  3. I feel like most recruiters are garbage and don’t care about what you want and are just trying to sell sell sell

  4. My company did this and then complained how expensive it was and wanted me to split it with them. No.

  5. From someone who has chased the “names” to have on the resume, it’s all about the work life balance. Whichever company will pay you fairly while respecting your boundaries is the best employer to work for

  6. What has been your career progression to 36 without a CPA?

  7. I have been a in private and public and Gov. currently in gov as a senior. Essentially a senior throughout 6 years of my 8-9 year career at various places and last job I had more senior/manager role with direct reports.

  8. I have a team member who is F38 studying so will show them this for motivation thanks!

  9. What hotel chain is this so we can boycott them?

  10. American here…so this is essentially like their social security right? Can’t draw on it for a few more years?

  11. It’s always better to be an executive with an exit package. My company just fired the head of IT who the ceo got into a disagreement with after 2 months on the job. Severance is 6 months pay full benefits. Those 6 months he’ll make 2.5x my salary for not working (or double dipping with a new job)

  12. I wonder if the agreements say the FR bankers can’t use the funds for bonuses.

  13. Fat ass captain and pancake tits sister out here looking like the dukes of custard

  14. On a scale of 1-10 how screwed are they without you?

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