1. Fat ass captain and pancake tits sister out here looking like the dukes of custard

  2. On a scale of 1-10 how screwed are they without you?

  3. My company decided a month ago to stop doing business in the state. We provide healthcare. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  4. She didn’t want your short term receivable anymore

  5. From my experience as a CPA in industry I will say it’s because of old men that control companies and don’t want times to be a changing.

  6. At least my job gave us summer hours.

  7. What’s that like? Could be an option I could bring up

  8. Be a shitty employer, win shitty consequences.

  9. Only 10 days of PTO is definitely less than competitive today with many sought-after employers offering 3-4 weeks as a standard for all new hires (regardless of job level).

  10. Is the salary fairly competitive? Yeah, two weeks is very low end. Some companies offer an extra week of PTO to incoming management. Did you accept the offer?

  11. The salary was very competitive and would have been the highest salary to date.

  12. I know a guy that won 340M in Powerball. He’s a software engineer. Kept his job just got a bigger house for the family. Likes his day to day work.

  13. My work told me I needed it hung in my office

  14. I’m just here to say if you start at a place and work your way up the rewards can be ridiculous. My friend started working at Dominos at 15. He went from part time in high school to full time. Running stores to then running cities then running regions. Now he’s at corporate in MI making 7 figures a year 25 years in running the whole country.

  15. This was in a history classroom in America and that’s a bullet hole

  16. Tell them you were donating your time this weekend to this great local charity, the human fund.

  17. Abbott needs to go over this. He oversees this as governor. Roll him on out.

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