1. Because the leadership of large parts of the world is old enough to be nursing home patients. They would gather a millions kids for a blood sacrifice if they got another 20 year of life and rule out of it.

  2. But those leadership ppl are the ones who would take a mask off after the cameras stopped rolling or if they were off stage.

  3. They're all in this together.

  4. “The authors note that since a large portion of the population has experienced COVID, they have some level of protection from natural immunity, but the vaccine provides additional benefit,” she explained. “Natural immunity confers a benefit, but the vaccine provides broader coverage, which protects against more variants.”

  5. How come there is no consequence to their lies? CDC can come out and say the sky is green tomorrow and nothing would be done. They have to be held accountable.

  6. These articles always bring out the "Cousin Eddies" of the sub. (That's a National Lampoon reference for you youngsters.)

  7. How come the other article we had on him said he didn't want it but was coerced into it for a film. Saying "the risk-reward ratio still calls for vaxxing" is cold comfort when he didn't want it, allegedly. That should never be anyone's call except our own and the philosophy of statements like this needs to be looked at more closely, it clearly is what the public health people in charge think too, and it led to a disastrous three years.

  8. Actions have consequences... Cry me a river.

  9. They certainly were fine with enforcing masks and not accepting mask exemptions.

  10. Crazy how it's hot with wildfires burning up in Canada while we're largely seeing a relatively cool start to summer south of the border

  11. It's strange as there's nothing out of the ordinary w the temperatures seasonally right now up here tho.

  12. At this point I wonder if the only solution to this is for the unvaccinated to start their own businesses, or work for unvaccinated bosses. I know people who got fired after their status leaked. Probably best to make a career move before it happens to you.

  13. When did their status leak and how did that happen? Don't much care myself, but interesting to see this in 2023.

  14. Person wants to maintain funding and clout of their 15 minutes of fame

  15. This comment encapsulates the public health mindset, I've talked to many of these people, it's 1000% true.

  16. And operate off your taxpayer dollars too

  17. I heard the exact same words from white female socialists who wanted their birthday party to be "safe" by only allowing fully vaccinated people in. And that witch keeps trying to send me Christmas cards every year too now that I rip up without opening. They agreed with the vaccine passport system and said it was the "new way".

  18. Absolutely awful. There was never any reason for this. A hysterical fear campaign + pharma cash created the coercive vaxx regime. And they can't be sued for damages.

  19. Well as Chasity belt buckle would say, the safe and effective shot is safe and effective.

  20. omg 🤮 and I thought Kathy blowchul's "vaxxed" necklace was bad

  21. That necklace seems to have conveniently disappeared from her new photos.

  22. Three years ago masks were only to protect others. Now wearing one protects yourself. I wonder what changed

  23. "there's no real science to it" RE social distancing

  24. I will never forget that in late March of 2020, when the Bay Area was almost completely shut down , an older man, looked to be in his 70s, carrying a bunch of instacart bags asked me if I knew where something was in my local Safeway. Many of the clerks looked liked they were in their 50s.

  25. The conclusion is it was fake. As S Gupta said a pandemic cannot occur in a globalized world. Weird thing is they used to love globalization...

  26. It was a 2000 or 2001 essay or book. She stated with so much travel, global population would inevitably become immune to a pandemic.

  27. Not a shocker , the people that i know that got really sick all had at least 2 shots. They still swear by it though 😂😂

  28. Strangely those ppl are also making others sick

  29. IIRC, every vaccine consumes immune effectiveness to imprint the antibody patterns. Consider the extreme: if you got vaxxed for everything, you'd probably die... not be some uber-healthy demigod.

  30. Strangely, public health cares only about so called "compliance" tho. Ever read what they say? Oh also, they love funding.

  31. You lot really can't understand scientific papers can you.

  32. That's like saying the Natives are still crying about residential schools, or the Japanese are still crying about internment camps.

  33. Lol cry harder then, imagine comparing the terrible plight you had to endure to something like the residential schools.

  34. Yes the injustice of a lab leak, illegal gain of function experiments, fraudulent pcr tests, forced confinement, violation of freedom of movement, discrimination via vaccine passport, debanking... I'll move past it once the perpetrators are jaiiled for life or more :-) Also I would like a Day of Remembrance for their CRIMES as an official holiday too, just like the National Day of Reconciliation.

  35. A reminder that philandering former mayor of Toronto John Tory changed the locks overnight on Adam Skelly's restaurant and sent several dozen jackboot thugs to stand guard for 3 days outside preventing him from serving ribs.

  36. Probably more than just a flex, more so to contain any "contagion" of freedom, and bring all businesses to heel. In a basic dictatorship sort of way.

  37. Remember, these corporations have forgotten their responsibility in making the office environment unattractive with vaccine, mask and social distancing mandates.

  38. Security guard mask harassment as well.

  39. Just wondering if Montreal Gazette received govt funding? Perhaps it would be a shorter list of Canadian media that did not.

  40. Why. They have a population of 450 million.

  41. Sold as a two dose vaccine. Why so many built in in the first large contract without ability to opt out after? Also a German news website posted a screenshot of a vaccine passport with a COVID "21" third slot way back when the first vaccine passports came in to play.

  42. You can tell they expected the vaccine passport with increasing boosters to work with this original deal.

  43. In the end the hypochondriacs should never have been mad at us, but at the ones who got everything about the pandemic wrong, ie Team Apocalypse. They're the ones who stole 3 years of our lives from everyone, plus the second order effects that loom for us all in the future.

  44. I wouldn’t trust her for a second. There’s definitely something going on behind the scenes with her, I highly doubt she is sincere…

  45. Where did that no planes or train line actually come from? How would Leana Wen and Trudeau both use the exact same line? There's something interesting there.

  46. Hope Doug Ford and John Tory are proud of their legacy, "toughest restrictions in North America"

  47. Tory managed to get out before anything really serious in terms of damage started to emerge.

  48. I love how the covid-19 Ontario and Toronto pandemic plan basically boiled down to first all but locking out people who can't wear masks from everyday life/commerce, and second to then locking out people who can't or don't want the vaccine from everyday life/ commerce, until it became clear it did not work as they thought.

  49. Mayor John Tory also has a second home in Florida that he regularly escaped to while pretending he was still in town.

  50. Oh yeah he had some people staked out there for a time, so many political losers in this country, it's hard to keep track of their hypocrisies.

  51. This is a city in the province of the premier, Doug Ford, who bragged about "having the longest lockdown in North America", who called protesters "Yahoo's", who never took s22 health order powers away from municipalities which caused the second lockdown, and who instituted a province wide 4th lockdown in Dec to Feb 2022.

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