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  1. That’s a bedbug good luck OP I’d suggest a exterminator and putting all of your stuff in the dryer and garbage bags for a while

  2. Nope, I have several moments where I didn’t understand a person’s English, it’s not your fault that you didn’t understand it happens more often than not

  3. Well I do but no one does I have friends that let me bite them and what not for my urges

  4. Don’t eat the brain, people kinda taste salty like coins but I’d suggest giving the lotion with garlic and what not , the skin taste much better but the rest is up to how you cook it honestly (I ask my friends if I can bite them and I’ve eaten off myself nobody was harmed without consent)

  5. Somebody purposely let my cats out in the winter time and by the time I had got them back after a few days my kitten who had never been outside had an injured leg like it was almost purposely cut off…..I smiled as I prepared to burn that persons house down (I couldn’t because I realized I owned that too)

  6. We call them thousand leggers …not a fan of them at all and they move so fast

  7. I have these kind of thoughts often, of course I never act on them. Sometimes I even have the urge to bite people due to the “I wonder what they taste like” thoughts, unfortunately I actually have bitten a few people but I always announce it or ask first but they know me so I’m guessing they expect it.

  8. people taste greasy. wouldn't recommend it

  9. It might depend on their diet I’ve had a few that were pretty good, most are too salty for my taste though

  10. I was a mid to low 90 student from grade 9 to 11. Than In grade 12 I was screwed over fairly bad, I tried to maintain my averages but it didn’t really workout. I think I’ll be able to achieve a 70 or low 80s this year, but the university is saying I need a 3.87gpa which I don’t have

  11. It’s fairly easy to take a placement test or even get around the gpa thing (depending on the university) if you can’t get into the place you like try going to community college first then transferring.

  12. I’ll speak to my guidance counselor tomorrow and the admissions at that school. This helped call the nerves, thank you

  13. Anytime good luck with your education and I hope you enjoy it here

  14. I hope your order comes early , most ship from overseas but depending on your location you might not wait too long. But I do know for sure the orders always come.

  15. Ohh, it might be a bit on the late side but I do hope it comes early. I’m in Pennsylvania and I’ve ordered a lot of things from wish I recently got a package of stickers I forgot I even ordered. It always took at least a month to arrive though.

  16. I like the third one best but they’re all very nice

  17. I barely remember to eat these days, I forgot eating three times a day was even a thing

  18. I normally at least get the feeling to eat, hunger pain at least. It just disappeared though. I think I'm gonna go get checked

  19. Yeah that might be a good idea , especially with the lack of sleep as well …hope things get better and you find your appetite

  20. I’ve put my entire foot in one , a small one at that…I’m not sure why men try the “it won’t fit” thing because I’ve also stuck my arm into one up to the elbow …the only way it won’t fit is if there’s a lot of girth and I do mean a lot (I’ve seen some that was like woahh)

  21. I wanted to get some tweezers sooo bad….please. The tweezers.

  22. I always suggest meeting people in a very public setting man/woman. If there are any things that seem suspect/ make you uncomfortable don’t go or bring someone with you , they don’t have to know that you have a friend following in stand by but a few times I’ve invited someone to stay a close distance just in case things weren’t what they seemed.

  23. You guys get gifts? I got a thank you card that wasn’t even signed it was typed

  24. Human Centipede 1 was genuinely terrifying for me, it captured the dread so well. However 2 and 3 look crap. I love gory movies but 2/3 look...boring somehow?

  25. 2 was super boring but 3 was surprisingly good

  26. Human centipede 2, I fell asleep on it multiple times and it just was disappointing overall especially how easy it was for the guy to kidnap the people , if didn’t do justice to the first movie but the third one was really good …I definitely won’t attempt to watch it again

  27. Stupid fruity juices (I’m a bartender)

  28. It happens all the time , I had made a post on another social platform telling men who can’t contain their sexual innuendos and comments to simply refrain from speaking to me as I find it disgusting and disrespectful. Everything almost every time I speak to the male species they somehow find a way to make it sexual and it’s at that point where I tell myself “I see why women become lesbians” (I’m not a lesbian but still)

  29. My understanding is that most lesbians are in fact born that way? They don’t just become lesbians because they can’t meet good men

  30. I don’t think I was born bisexual it’s more a choice of preference for me , I’m not sure I can actually say people are born that way but who knows everyone is different

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