1. Ik the sub name and the story made my blood run cold... it hit something, when my dad found out I was self harming, he told my mom later that night. I could hear her screaming, crying, vomiting, and asking what she did wrong in my bedroom on the other side of the house. After she calmed down, she came to talk to me and told me she wasn't mad at me, but she had to ask if I was suicidal. I lied and told her no, and at that moment, I wasn't. I couldn't do that to my mom again.

  2. congrats on surviving, friend! something like that is never easy, proud of you for over coming :)

  3. Because the risk of being kidnapped and trafficked is incredibly low. There is little-to-no data supporting any Taken-style trafficking rings kidnapping women off the street. These kinds of accusations further exasperate the fear women already have when in public, especially at night. It also obfuscates the reality of trafficking, meaning less attention, awareness, and political-pressure is directed towards real trafficking which is largely labour trafficking (mostly of migrant workers). This rhetoric also prevents women from recognizing actual signs of sex trafficking, which is largely perpetrated by the victim’s family, friends, or romantic partner.

  4. i think this is a great explanation!! thank you for actually explaining it! i understand how i could have worded my experience wrong. i know i’m not exactly the ‘target’ of trafficking,, but unfortunately the area we were in has some hiiiisssstoorrryyyyy of trafficking. i believe there were 2 instances in the last year. most def wasn’t smart of my friend and i to go out walking,, but hey when alcohol is involved everything sounds like a good idea

  5. that’s what i initially thought,, i was super nerved up and spooked by everything ,, once her friend picked us up she said that it could have been either or and just sent me spiraling

  6. Ain't no way these fuckers are attacking lions. Or did i confuse them with honeybadger

  7. write her a nice love letter! order her favorite food and watch a movie with her , have a nice romantic night in!!! or take the food and set up a picnic somewhere nice in a park.

  8. my friend just ate a mini plastic baby. he swallowed it with a shot of vodka.

  9. This isn’t blurry enough. Next time please pan across the sky faster as you’re snapping the photo of a dark sky, I can almost make out what this is.

  10. i was just curious ? i didn’t see anything about it until i scrolled down a bit on this thread lol

  11. Did Adam Sandler's mom in "The Waterboy" tell you this?

  12. my exact response when i saw the original video lol. i was so surprised i started to look it up and nothing at all made sense

  13. i did ! it hit pretty quick , but the roll was actually quick as well,, only felt it for maybe 3-4 hours

  14. tom holland or timothy chalo whatever, i don’t find either of these men even a little attractive but ladies b soaked for them

  15. Best way to take it is empty a capsule and put it in that not snorting etc

  16. oh absolutely. i have a ton of family that tried to get me to become a JW with them by yelling that santa wasn’t real to little 6 year old me,, they never did explain the whole birthday thing to me though? or why they don’t say bless you after someone sneezes

  17. fun fact: chilis fajitas aren’t actually sizzling , they actually use a ‘sizzle spray’ to make it sizzle

  18. mainly soy sauce and oil,, to answer your follow up,, i mean if ur brave enough

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