1. Taylor more than anything is obsessed with accolades. She always has been and probably always will be. We can argue that's a good thing: (i.e.: losing a Grammy for Red pushed her to make 1989), but it can also have consequences.

  2. my exact sentiments. also theres other ways to express yourself creatively without using social media. put her in a art class, put her in piano, something.. i just dont think tik tok is the only possible outlet for a 9 year old. especially when youre making it public.

  3. North is the closest one in age they can push to be famous and follow in their footsteps in a few years. Seems like they are already doing that.

  4. It's weird that even with a big brand like Coty behind it, which has decades of experience in make-up, the actual products are ALWAYS crappy. Like CoverGirl, another Coty brand, would NEVER sell such horrible products.

  5. Is it even worth selling her remaining stake? It's probably not worth that much...

  6. Khloe literally took it as a compliment that someone said they were worried she had an eating disorder...

  7. Kim “I made mistakes in my life” Kris “and you learned from that”

  8. Has she though? She claims her ''movie'' was a mistake but we all know she would do that again if she knew it would make her famous

  9. Wouldn't be suprised if they still hit the yachting scene every once in a while... it seems like their is nothing the KarJenners wouldn't do for money

  10. I don’t think Kim owns SKIMS in its entirety. Balenciaga owns 20% so does LouTaylor.

  11. Plus Emma Grede and her husband... I forget his name, who probably are the ones who actually created Skims (despite what Kim says), own a stake.

  12. ditto would consider fenty fast fashion. got a couple of lingerie items once and was unimpressed by the quality

  13. Hate to be annoying but want to clarify that LVMH owns Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin, and a VERY small minor stake in Savage X Fenty. I don't know if it's fair to say LVMH owns Savage X Fenty because their stake is very very small.

  14. So I watched the first episode of Season 1... and then didn't watch the rest of the season. And then I watched S2 E1 (but not on Hulu lol) but didn't watch anymore of the season

  15. Lol. If Kris were smart she'd be taking notes from this thread

  16. Idk kuwtk ratings were also dropping drastically before the hulu show and it didn't stop them from getting the hulu deal.

  17. If the ratings at Hulu haven't improved on the last season of KUWTK then the Kar-Jenners are in trouble. Hulu paid $100 million- $25 million per season- for the family to do this show.

  18. I agree, i think i heard they're tied in for at least one more. If they're smart, they'll be reading feedback and making changes for next season because i imagine that losing the show will be a big financial hit for all of them.

  19. They should've just stayed on E!. Sure, it would've meant less money but E! never would've cancelled Keeping Up (they kept it on for years even when viewership was falling) while Hulu will cancel their show if it's not doing well.

  20. Not trying to be defensive. Just trying to show how crazy Kim's stans sound...

  21. I dislike her, but I think it could be true. I was actually shocked when I saw that Kanye WAS the richest rapper up until his meltdown. I definitely thought it would be someone else, but I guess it makes sense.

  22. I have my own suspicions about Kanye's previous net worth too... I never believed he was a billionaire either. I in fact don't believe a lot of these so-called ''billionaires'' are actually billionaires.

  23. I'm not trying to be shady, for real, but we have to remember that these women are not as attractive in real life as people think.

  24. Kim is on her way, with the voiceacting she did last year. As soon as someone offers her a non-porn role she'll be all over it.

  25. What are you guys talking about, Kim is already a Razzie Award winning actress

  26. I just imagined a ''Keeping Up With The Kardashians Jr'' on Disney Channel starring the kids... oh god

  27. Khloe allegedly takes ozempic, so she probably is actually that skinny. Martha Stewart even said that when she had dinner with the Kardashians they all barely ate anything.

  28. I feel like her fashion is so trashy already she might as well just become the face of FashionNova or Shein

  29. I feel bad for her. She clearly wants to be married but even with two kids Travis will barely publicly claim her.

  30. Emma Grede is a good business woman. Her involvement in Good American and Skims shows that. I think she was the one to approach Khloe and Kris to found Good American. Safely also seems to be doing okay-ish. I think it was all up to them finding good management and people who were knowledgeable in how to start and run a business.

  31. I see YITTY (Lizzo's shapewear brand) is rising super fast. I think there's a chance it could take over SKIMS market share in the near future. We have to remember that YITTY is co-owned by Fabletics which is a MASSIVE company. Fabletics has all the resources to build YITTY into something that could actually compete with SKIMS.

  32. She sold a stake of it to Coty for a shit ton of money and they closed it down temporarily to reformulate and relaunch with things that are exclusively owned by them not Kim’s prior partners. Same with KKW fragrance. In the makeup and fragrance communities The brands were both considered a success and they made Kim a billionaire before skims was even created

  33. KKW Beauty has yet to relaunch. Coty likely just paid for KKW Beauty for Kim to be the face of their new skincare brand- SKKN, which is co-owned by Kim and Coty. But SKKN is a flop.

  34. unless ur a brand why do u care about kim’s engagement?

  35. Aah Super Freaky Girl, my favourite mature song.

  36. Nobody was saying Super Freaky Girl was a mature song. Just pointing out that when Nicki makes mature music it's ignored, but when she makes songs like Super Freaky Girl, even if

  37. Not the Nicki shade.... when Super Freaky Girl outcharted every song on this list. We see what the people want to listen to and that they still love the Queen of Rap

  38. I think Jennettes story is famous. I dont know how ‘famous’ she is going to be in 5 years when the world has processed her story, if she decides to not advance anything

  39. True but I do think people will always remember and talk about Jennette's story when we're talking about iCarly in the future. The two will always be associated I think.

  40. I honestly don’t think any of them ended up being breakout stars. None of them have really made it to the level of fame I’d consider to be “breakout” famous

  41. True. It's almost shocking honestly (no shade to the cast) but how did at least ONE of them not go on to be an Ariana Grande level star? iCarly was a MASSIVE show and yet people who got their start on smaller shows have gone on to be more famous. Just proves that being a child star can only do so much for translating to adult fame.

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