1. Aren't these supposed to be fake documents Tess just had made for them?

  2. Thank you for doing this service to the community, I can rest easier now. The main question of the game was never "would you tell Ellie the truth in the end" but rather "What was in the magazine".

  3. Some savvy people (likely developers themselves) recognized the oodl version installed with the game is a known bugged version. Part of the bug deals with shader compilation which was an obvious symptom with the odd pattern of the build time/progress.

  4. That's a heck of a lot of inside knowledge haha. I love these kinds of things, even as a programmer myself I would have never figured that out.

  5. It's kind of embarrassing for it to get deployed with the game. I have to wonder if it's some licensing/contract thing that they didn't have the newer versions available, just shit version control, or poor PM to say this build is your launch build (assuming they had in process builds with it getting fixed)

  6. For the record, my download finished sometime after we had this conversation and I literally didn't have a single error, so maybe they fixed it.

  7. This aged like milk. I was going to buy it today, but saw the shitstorm about it last night and thought I better wait.

  8. I have absolutely zero issues on my game and I am so stoked I bought it. I almost didn't after reading the reviews but it plays flawlessly for me and I love every minute.

  9. Dann bist du aber auch schnell der Chef, der nicht für seine Leute eintritt (höhö).

  10. I wish the rear seats folded flat in this, that is such a quality of life upgrade in wagons that it's hard to imagine why they decided against it.

  11. Wow, these are so good! I love how you can clearly see the (weird) thought processes that went into making these.

  12. As a preface, I think it'd be cool to have episode 6 be the "there was no cure" flashback, then Ellie and Dina pinpointing Nora and Ellie leaving to pursue her as the last scene in ep 6--basically following the game.

  13. oof, that would hit really hard, to kill your own redemption arc. Nice job

  14. This also seemed to be a general decision in the show where they repeatedly avoided making Joel expressive with his words, even simplifying his dialogue from the games. So, "you are treading on some mighty thin ice here" became "don't say another word," and "he ain't even hurt" became "no".

  15. You know what, I just realized that I actually like that "no" line better than the original now when I thought it was the opposite before. In that heat of the moment, I probably wouldn't try to explain things either, just trying to get through it.

  16. Man, I feel this. The franchise has now been part of my life for ten years, and what I love most about it is how it meant different things to me at different points in my life.

  17. I like how people here call it non scary :D Is everyone desensitized to what's going on all the time by having watched / played it too many times? There are all kinds of emotional damage, psychological horror, quite a few jump scares and people dying in horrifying ways. Totally not scary :D

  18. I am really surprised that people keep saying this at all. Episode 5 was crazy with infected to the point the game never had anything close. Episode 7 really drives home how even safe places aren't always safe, the same with the tunnels in ep1. Episode 8 has cannibals afraid of Ellie being possibly infected - they are literally everywhere in the game even if we don't see them. And the clickers in ep2 were arguably even more scary than they were in game.

  19. It looks very close to that first portion of the way towards Seattle before they come to the first gate.

  20. This is a point I think a lot of people miss with Ellie. The porch flashback is saved until the very end for a reason. You’re supposed to be mad at Abby for the majority of the game, but eventually you learn to let it go. And then you learn, oh shit, Joel and Ellie did talk. They did try to make things better, and then that was immediately ripped away from Ellie. She wasn’t only mad at Abby, she was mad at herself for wasting so much time being distant towards Joel.

  21. That is one of my favorite aspects about the second game. I think they will move it to the beginning for the show (they do a lot of things more on the nose like with David being confirmed a rapist and such), and I think that would be one thing to "fix" the "convoluted story structure" that a lot of people complained about, without even impacting the rest of the story.

  22. I don't mind them reshuffling some things but I definitely want them to save this flashback for the ending in whatever way possible.

  23. The shivs never made any sense for anything other than fake scarcity, so I'm glad they took them out. If I sharpen a piece of metal on a grinder it doesn't break after one use.

  24. This was my immediate first thought as well, because when I last watched anything from Part 1, I had no idea about her mom's backstory.

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