1. Club m4, oasis aqualounge, the keg, glad day, pegasus, rebel CODA, mickey e flynns, the madisons, maison selbys, annnnd I just realized I mostly just listed bars ooops

  2. I don't throw everything away. I actually value keeping photos cause they're a part of the history of me.

  3. It's generally considered common courtesy to exit the bus through the rear doors so if you're saying thank you, you're gonna need to scream it. Your friend might have been getting looks if he was getting off through the front set when there was a queue of people trying to board.

  4. Unfortunately, things can't be like they are before and the longer you cling to that, the greater the rate you'll lose a friend.

  5. What you need to do is accept the reality of your situation and work with it. No one forced you into an LDR, you made that choice knowing you were going to be further away from your partner.

  6. So off the top, this isn't something that is completely uncommon for people who are experiencing a depressive episode. Withdrawing from support systems and having a low social battery are definitely "normal" responses.

  7. But he doesn't want to let me know what's going on in his life like all of it unlike before. He will just tell me that "Hang in there with me." I understand his situation but I stopped texting him like caring text msgs because he doesn't reply. Should I still text him or just leave him alone? I don't want us to break up. I love him so much and I'm hoping that he will heal from depression.

  8. Again, this is totally normal for someone with depression. They have very low social batteries and don't want to chit chat. He's not going to tell you what's going on, in part because he's trying to shield you from his reality and in part because he just doesn't have the energy to do so.

  9. Off the top, no I don't judge other women in the gym. What they're doing is their own business and tbh everyone starts somewhere. If you're there and showing up, its because you care about your health or your fitness and that's all that matters. I don't need to know where you are on your journey, your place in the gym is valid.

  10. Majority of jealous feelings stem from feeling like you're being deprived of something. The best way to handle jealousy isn't to push it down but confront it head on.

  11. Majority of people who are involved in ethical non-monogamy will be upfront about that. Society is still largely focused on monogamy -- which is fine and everyone's choice -- which is why people default to the assumption of exclusivity when being asked to be a significant other.

  12. Honestly that such a subjective question. With my current partner, I felt it pretty quick and we were using it within a month, with my ex it was closer to 5 months before I felt comfy using that language.

  13. Let yourself be in your feels for a day or so. Do all the fun self care stuff like having a bubble bath, face mask, twilight marathon, ice cream and pizza, whatever. And then you need to throw yourself back into your routine.

  14. I think after a year and a fair number of visits, it's totally valid to start approaching the conversation about moving in together. My only thing would be to ensure you two are on the same page about what your life will look like living together and the finances associated with it.

  15. You can't get over the incident because it's still happening.

  16. You don’t. If you’re broken up you need to leave her be.

  17. I wanna try and rekindle our connection yk. Like we left it off as friends

  18. Thé ball is in her court. If she wants to reach out, she will.

  19. A week is not a long time to recover both physically as you've fractured your neck, and for her to believe you're making substantive change.

  20. I'm sorry you're going through this OP. Mental health challenges can be really difficult in a relationship and incredibly scary when you know your partner is on edge.

  21. The reality of those little things is that they're not exclusive to being in an LDR, these issues won't magically fall away when you're together.

  22. You need to spend some time and really consider where those feelings stem from. Once you're able to identify the why, then you're able to move forward from there.

  23. This is probably not helpful but whatever, you can either spend your time obsessing over the what ifs of the future or you can learn to enjoy the present.

  24. Do you have anything going on in your personal or professional life that's pulling mental and emotional energy from you? This could be work related, friendship drama, depression, not to be that person but maybe some PMS?

  25. I think a lot of us can feel unresolved because there is still this narrative around how much bi people like one gender and in what ways. There's also lots of rhetoric on things like TikTok where bi women in hetero presenting relationships make fun of themselves for not being with a woman. Basically we're in this weird moment of time where bisexuality is okay but not okay when its not queer enough for the LGBTQIA+ community at large and not straight enough for the hets.

  26. I wear a pin on my jacket that says "Bi Pride", that's about as easy I can make it for people.

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