1. Realise ths is the cemu sub.. but.. the yuzu switch version works really well on my deck so I'd suggest that instead.

  2. We're all in the same boat, just waiting to see. Last year, Best Buy's actual BF flyer was released on Nov 19 for BF on the 25th, just a week before. Strangely all the current deals right now end on Nov 20th, the Friday before BF. No stores that deal in high end tv's have released their actual BF flyer yet. So I have a feeling we will see a little lower prices near BF, so I am waiting until then.

  3. Where’s a good place I can follow to know when the deals are released?

  4. Amiibo looks better imo but that’s cool!

  5. Sweet, this will help me get those last 3 I’ve been looking for

  6. agreed, having to adjust a ton of the game settings and setting them to the lowest setting shouldn’t be deck verified imo

  7. Is that an amiibo or just a figurine? I know everyone's roasting the model, but I love the blue Sheikah base. I ordered the amiibo of her from Japan, and it doesn't seem to have any of the more.. questionable.. design choices.

  8. This is just a figurine, idk why it’s so prominent tbh lol

  9. Thank you! Their Link is not the one he saw years ago but it is very similar in size and detail, and the BOTW pose/details I think are probably even cooler for him. What a bit of serendipity, thanks again!

  10. rigid as in not loose? Possibly brand new with a new thumbstick. If it's the thumbstick pushing in and out a little and you can take it apart a tiny bit of tin foil stuck in the hole may help.

  11. Thanks! I’ll give it a look. And by rigid I guess I just mean not smooth and doesn’t easily flow to any direction you put it. Feels like someone took it apart and didn’t put it back in properly

  12. I did! Do “Z:/“ before the filepath and that worked for me. I was just forgetting the forward slash

  13. In steam rom manager my cemu was unchecked so I made sure it was checked so steam rom manager could read the games,, I think it switched off when I updated cemu,, I’m not too sure anymore how I fixed it but I think it had something to do with switching on cemu on steam rom manager

  14. I just got it, the Z: wasn’t working but it’s cause I had to make it Z:/ and then it worked

  15. No, but I added pcloud as a non steam game, so I can launch it from game mode and let him update the save when needed.

  16. Smart idea, I just worry that I would forget or something. How often do you do it?

  17. I just do it as soon as I close an emulated game I also play on my pc (which means, WiiU, Switch and ps3) as simple as that!

  18. I’ll give it a shot! Also can I DM you to ask some questions about what settings you run

  19. Right on, I did just figure out it's because the file system is read-only so only Flatpaks will work.

  20. Did you ever figure it out? I got pCloud and it’s great but I can’t get it to automatically sync unless I go to desktop mode and open the app every time

  21. Hello, this has taken me a while to figure out but seems like it was an easy fix all along so all my hairpulling was worth shit. SO basically, all you have to do (and this works universally across Cemu and Yuzu) is go to properties on EACH game and in the TARGET field change the -f to -w. In Cemu, you are going to have to checkmark the stretch to window setting which is located in General Settings. Do the same for Yuzu games as well. Restart your system after. NOTE: Changing these settings will set the games up to 16:9 so when playing on the Deck itself the display will have the typical black bars on the top and bottom. Still working on figuring out how to fix pcxs2.

  22. Are you talking about the file path “-f -g” to -w -g?

  23. Adding the Z before home on steam rom manager isn’t helping it find my cemu rpx files. Any help?

  24. I was able to get every emulator to work on veto Cemu, it runs as a blank screen, and Retroarch through the discover store won’t even boot a single game…

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