1. LOOOOOOL, if I was the sender, I'd be shitting my pants. I'm always hyper paranoid about CCing the wrong person and always triple check. At least you can ask for what you deserve transparently now 💀

  2. If you don't want to, don't. I didn't. I'm 27 and still knew at your age I didn't desire bio kids. My mind never changed. The process is also highly invasive and unpleasant. You don't owe him bio grandkids. Your body dude.

  3. Little friend! Used to catch these as a kid. They need moisture and like being under logs and leaf litter. They're normally speedy as heck, so this guy must be cold or something, moving that slow

  4. Update for anyone who is interested: It became more red and inflamed as the day progressed and I gave it a GENTLE squeeze and bloody pus came pouring out. I am probably going to contact my surgeon

  5. Probably for the best to rule anything out, but that's what every spit stitch I've had has done. It should feel immensely better and heal up pretty quickly if it finally spit out.

  6. If you're not anything, then you aren't. She needs to lay off.

  7. Uh I'm gay and I'd never shower with my girl best friend that's weird as fuck bro

  8. As a cat owner and fish owner I'd be fucking terrified of my cat drowning what the fuck

  9. How about we don't give money to breeders and go adopt one of the infinite puppies at a shelter... dogs dying sure doesn't make me smile.

  10. My old Dojo used to just swim right up and suck em down like a vacuum, it was one of the greatest things I've ever watched

  11. My dojos were ruthless. They went after my livebearer fry, too. They're just sentient vacuums.

  12. Soooo if one has a nearly problematic MTS population, dojo the way to go?

  13. Worth a shot! My idiots loved escargot. They definitely kept down my mystery snails any time they laid eggs. They just gotta be small enough for them to slurp, and they will.

  14. I'd Google the nastiest STD ridden dick pic I could find and send it to him. Women aren't your trading cards, bro. Go be horny somewhere else. It's the internet. There's literally places for that.

  15. His hair looks like what I empty out of my vacuum. Not sure he has room to talk.

  16. Yes because I wanna be slapped in the face by a greasy duck when there's turbulence

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