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  1. The people on this sub don't have lives. They feed off their hatred of gamegrumps instead of just unsubscribing and watching something else. It's pathetic.

  2. So what youre saying is that you dont have a life and that youre pathetic? Since youre on this sub and all. Also Im pretty sure this subreddit doesnt have a reputation for being one of the cringiest or whatever- I doubt the majority of reddit cares about this or even the game grumps in general.

  3. the amount of times ive seen people on here say that the fans dan fucked werent groomed because they were adults by the time he slept with them (even to the point of "well its her own fault for expecting more, she shouldve known better" and excusing it with his rockstar persona) really bothered me so i really appreciate you mentioning this.

  4. "Wow I wonder why this company doesnt like me anymore", says the manchild, who made a career out of shitting on said company's games at every turn.

  5. the only good thing about them playing ndrv3 would be that theyre likely done with danganronpa afterwards. unless they play udg but i doubt that (i hope that. i feel like there would be insensitive comments about certain things maybe and i would hate that).

  6. why is there always someone who calls people on here whiny children, but in a whiny child way...why are you even here?!

  7. I hate that it doesnt sound that weird that arin would want to hold an event where he....publically harasses people for stuff they wrote when they were likely teens. Theres a reason some fanfic writers have taken to writing "if youre a streamer do not read this on stream" in their descriptions.

  8. ME TOOOO!!!! I thought she was about to show us that she can wipe her ass. 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. The analogy with the two old men and the caretaker gave me a good belly laugh, thank you OP

  10. I'm curious as to what you dislike about elden ring. If you haven't even tried playing it, there's a very good reason people are calling it the best game in a decade lmao

  11. I think its one of those games that are more fun when you play them yourself and not watch someone else play.

  12. I think I initially skipped that one (bc leisure suit larry just isnt my cup of tea) but it seems fun, considering the comments on here. Might have to watch it after all.

  13. Iirc, the groomer accuastion happened when one of Dan's fans posted DMs between herself and Dan. They were talking very explicitly and then at some point Dan stopped talking to her/ghosted her? The internet assumed she was a minor, but that was proven false and the fan confirmed this later. It sounds like handled the situation poorly, but unless grooming applies to someone over the age of 21, idk why it is still brought up.

  14. the minor thing came from twitter iirc? from someone who isnt on rantgrumps to begin with.

  15. "When grooming is discussed, it’s often in the context of adults using the manipulation tactic to abuse and exploit children. However, children are not the only population at risk of being groomed. Many adults in toxic or abusive relationships will experience grooming as their partner’s attempt to build a false sense of extreme emotional connection, create a sense of dependence, and overall more vulnerable to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse." (

  16. her food anxiety sounds just as real as her aygg allergy and the fact that shes not a pizza gorl

  17. all i associate with him is when people put a dick in his hand and someone on discord warned us like "theres a dick pointed at us and if theres a dick, theres cum. get ready to defend."

  18. arin acting like a noisy pig is unfortunately the only "humour" he knows. I totally get you though. I get super icked out by eating noises/heavy breathing/lip smacking/burping and thats just what Arin in a room with food ends up with. (Or without food. He makes a lot of mouth noises). Makes me wanna claw my ears off.

  19. bro. its the same as someone making a post on a discord or subreddit saying to make something at some coordinates. If you want your spot on place you have to work for it. And if you lose it you just gotta rebuild because thats how it fucking works.

  20. first of all i'd appreciate it if you dont "bro" me. and i dont think a small community trying to build their game logo in a corner somewhere and someone with 25k live viewers saying "okay look at this large square of other people's works lets put a big titty anime girl on it instead" is at all comparable, really. you see, many people on place actually ask around other communities whether theres a way to collab and stuff. rather than completely disregarding other people and their work.

  21. Youre trying to invent some kind of moral high ground for pixels on a canvas. Its a blank canvas no matter what color pixel youre replacing. Nobody has anymore right to place a damn pixel down than anyone else, no matter what their building. If you want your place at place by the end you will have to defend and fight for it. You were clearly not here the first

  22. I dont think youre getting the point i'm trying to make.

  23. the way the komaeda gets sad and starts crying as the meteor shaves off the top half of his hair..

  24. I think its not unusual pricing for a live event but I'm so sorry for the parents whose children are probably begging them to buy tickets

  25. Its so jarring that she just kinda pops in sometimes

  26. I lost the key to my sexuality and I dont have a copy for it so now i'm locked out /s

  27. He made a 20 minute video deciding which Pokemon he would fuck and you think he’s trying to stay relevant? Yea I’m sure that’s the kind of tried and tested content that brings in the new viewers

  28. Didnt you know that no-context videos where a man essentially points at animals and says "thats hot!" is all the rage nowadays?? /s

  29. OP this is quite likely the worst "lul rage bait" post i've seen on this sub in months

  30. I think this is the fastest they've ever hoped onto a trend for something. You know, only three weeks after Markiplier did the exact same video.

  31. Honestly. It feels like they saw that people talked about it a lot (Matpat even did a video about it..) and figured "lets also do that. but not all pokemon in the same episode we can make this a series."

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