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  1. I hope the last 7 chapters of One Piece are just reaction panels from everyone Luffy ever encountered.

  2. full page spread of their reactions like when enel was fighting luffy

  3. only voted monster because i play titan and we already got the prophecy armor

  4. learned recently that the VA for zoro in the 4kidz dub is the same VA who voices guts in berserk which makes his performance yelling “LUFFYYYY” make so much more sense

  5. It got spoiled for me by a fucking league of legends meme on

  6. i think i’d jump off a bridge if i got this spoiled thanks to a fucking LoL meme

  7. “That’s-thats my grandmas house nice try”

  8. /uj sweat’s hair gets worse every time i see him

  9. his profession is detective and his hobby is beating up high schoolers

  10. asuka says that jerusalem is the capital of palestine mashallah

  11. there is no “front” or “back” oryx is stuck in an infinite loop going around the arena how can you dumbasses not see this?

  12. Had a titan do this exact thing on day1 Warpreist with Thundercrash. As he was flying through the air we were all like 'Noooooo bubble!'. Wiped few seconds later with Warpriest having sliver of health left.

  13. then they start chucking mortar shells with their bare hands

  14. not seeing rapid hit anywhere in this image. please vault yourself.

  15. They just interrogated her naked. It is a well-known interrogation technique. Consider the power dynamics of an interrogation. The point is for the interrogator to be the one in control, while the one being interrogated is vulnerable and has no edge in the situation.

  16. I don't care if the Lord of Light banished Dark and all that stemmed from humanity 5000 years ago or some ****, a lie is still a lie

  17. What is this? For real, I know it’s supposed to be fallout 3, but what is it running on?

  18. its become a slippery slope for me in my last 3 playthroughs. i turn it on to undo some bullshit and suddenly im upgrading my favorite colonist with full archotech bionics and giving them 20 in each skill. i had to turn it off because i know i can’t help myself. i’ll still savescum if possible though for really big setbacks though

  19. PS: i absolutely hate trying to shade heart of inmost light because that front plate always refuses to match. its a miracle i managed to make it work

  20. New player, so i veeery recently found this was even a thing - fuck that, if im stuck on some backwater planet you can bet its gonna be hedonism simulator. Just means ill spend more on security 😂

  21. thats the spirit, vanity is everything in this game if you’re not gonna try to make the nicest colony with the most expensive of clothes, buildings and drugs then why even bother

  22. sweaty wealth management vs the chad drug kingpin (they are hoarding thousands of silver and are currently being raided by 150 tribals)

  23. /Uj divinity should probably lose/have the 30% weaken reduced to 15%. The crit bubble is fine and devoting a weapon slot to making crits easier is fine. The weaken invalidates nightstalker as anything other than a mobius + SES DPS super. Tractor cannon could also have a place for more close range bosses.

  24. /uj yeah i don’t get why people are so upset at salt for even implying that div should be nerfed. i don’t think its the most broken thing but if it was nerfed i would understand why.

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