1. At a glance this team is quite messy. What are you trying to do with this lineup? (For your own team-building learning purposes)

  2. I just got Future knight. I want to go for melee team. Should I go for her melee ex weapon?

  3. For additional context. I had this wound open for a year now. It doesn't try to close the wound at all and is leaking lymph fluid constantly. I might have lymphatic problem but aren't sure about it. For a year I have been just put on bandage cloth to allow me to walk normally and have to replace the soaked bandage every 12 hours.

  4. I see. At first I thought so too. Then i just see other people have their burst at like 300-600k so it made me wonder if my build have something wrong.

  5. Nitro 5 Acer Nitro AN515-44-R2A6/T004 AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Graphics

  6. Weird thing is, when I first got the laptop, it was as hot as it is right now. But one day, It just go down to around 70-75 without any explanation. Then recently four or five months ago it gone back to being hot again

  7. Asking very quickly. I have a eula Raiden team with diona and Lisa as support. I am thinking of building rosaria because I have her at constellation 4. I have the resources to do so. Should I build her to replace Lisa? Or are there anything I should know about rosaria in a Eula team (rotations, ER etc.)

  8. If you can get good artifacts on Eula then replacing Rosaria with Beidou can be very fun

  9. I do want to build eula but I have a claymore problem. I already have to split my serpent spine between diluc and eula. If I use any other claymore I won't have good crit rate at all. So building beidou will be very time consuming, specialy when I haven't finish farming for Raiden,XQ,XL,eula yet (close but not really)

  10. I know that the tax exist, but other things in the shop stayed the same price. Other games aren't effected either

  11. Susie#3383 Just deleted inactive friends. I have SA S3M3, angelina S3M3 feater S2M3 always active

  12. I see what you did with the Boris seal of approval on the bottle (kvass squats and semechki, my comrade)

  13. This is what Pompeii saw in it's last minute.

  14. Memes uses other sources/image. It doesn't have to have arknights visual, That's just what memes are.

  15. I'm just 15 last month but I remember old Dan fondly.

  16. I thought the ABS for courier was the Automatic Braking System for a second there

  17. Haha..., I'm a doctor from Thailand. I've seen this ad when I was a kid, still remembered every single line.

  18. Gummy next skin with golden frying pan when

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