1. “Season with your heart”. Love this!!!!

  2. Yes, had to get to Pearson first thing in the morning. Guy showed up on time and we arrived earlier then I expected. This was a few years ago, so unsure if/how it’s changed in today’s world.

  3. Probably the same shoes and socks he wore to his wedding. They’re multi-functional.

  4. Does CPI stand for Consumer Papaya Index? If so, could the drop YoY be due to cashier pricing error?

  5. If I had an award, I would give it to you. Well played!

  6. Just add more lanes. That'll solve the problem. /s

  7. I’m glad your plants have sunlight but I’m a little concerned you’re not getting enough sunlight in your apartment for yourself.

  8. Retire at 50? Now that would be the dream!!!

  9. I see motorcycle lessons going on regularly in the Fairview Mall parking lot. Corner closest to the highway off ramp corner.

  10. I just bought one in this exact price range. $25K was our max. You’re going to be locked at a 2018 or older. Anything newer than that is almost guaranteed to have an accident or some sort of other problem for under $25K.

  11. I bought a 2017 a couple years ago, had no idea its considered a "unicorn". Why is that?

  12. 2013 was a great year. 2014 sucked. 2015 sucked a little less. 2016 sucked the most. 2016.5 sucked just as much. 2017 got an overhauled interior and exterior, and an updated engine. 2018 has a lot of issues with the engine.

  13. Great, thank you for the breakdown. I purchased mine in the semi-early days of Covid and this was one of the only vehicles in my price range that I could afford. Very happy with my purchase so far!

  14. Have you purchased hot food from the T&T?

  15. My partner is always getting the hot food when we go to T & T. His parents also enjoy it as well (they are Vietnamese for reference).

  16. Please make sure you ask for a monetary payment of some kind for Boots. To discourage non-animal lovers from trying to “adopt”.

  17. They can be rented through the City. Don’t go through Reliance, etc. if you do decide to rent. Otherwise can be purchased from Lowe’s/Home Depot, etc.

  18. Possibly confusing heater vs softener? I'm not aware of the city having softener rentals?

  19. What do YOU want to do? That’s the question you need to focus on first.

  20. Meh, I was at a wedding on the weekend where a few people wore almost white dresses. However, they looked nothing like a “wedding” dress. Just like them, you can tell the one in this photo is definitely not a bride.

  21. Rn I’m experimenting with the bio derma 50+ spf tinted sunscreen ! It’s Mattifying and doesn’t leave behind a shine at all, super thin doesn’t feel greasy. It’s 26 dollars but I think it’s 40ml instead of 50ml like the LRP. I’d say they’re pretty much the same

  22. I bought this same one and have had similar results. I don’t know how it compares to LRP but so far I’ve been happy with it. (Purchased on sale at Rexall)

  23. Idk why, but I always get the feeling that boomers might also associate him with River Phoenix’s death and The Viper Room (although I know he wasn’t complicit in his death)

  24. I think that would be more of a Gen X thing.

  25. Yeah, it’s pretty easy. You need a torque wrench, t30 torx bit, and a flathead screw driver or some other tool to help remove the existing gutter filler piece

  26. https://www.waterlooairport.ca/en/passengers/arrivals-and-departures.aspx

  27. The Amazon SD card works fine and is 1/10th the cost. All your buying through Mazda, all your paying for is the name/logo.

  28. Echoing my other comment, I said to buy the SD card from Amazon, but to get the one with the mazda logo on it…

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