1. Ohbc says:

    Tell it to my in laws, they keep their lawn 1 inch tall.

  2. Ohbc says:

    They like it that way? It looks so boring and high maintenance to me. And no good for ecological reasons

  3. If every family grew a 4x4 garden box, if nothing else, we’d be so much more resilient.

  4. That'd be a great start, but you can't force it onto people. Otherwise, they will turn away from it, the moment you stop forcing them. Take reading for example. It's the most efficient way to transfer knowledge and still, people won't do it because of the way they get introduced to it in school.

  5. As much as I think traditional lawns are a waste of space - I'd rather all the lazy shits in this country just have something they can just mow over because when people think they're a famer and plant out veggie patches they end up looking like absolute dogshit within a year like the eyesore of a failed urban farm I have to drive past on my way to work. I'd rather they just kept the basic landscaping that came with the house instead of ripping it all out, planting vegetables, getting bored of it and then just letting it degenerate into a huge weed museum. Having a real garden is work that requires you to get off your ass and go outside and risk the horrors of having some bugs land on you or getting a bit sweaty. The average Aussie would not be capable of maintaining anything like that bottom picture when so many of them are already having too much asked of them to even just keep their lawns mowed and their stupid climbing invasive shit from entering neighbouring properties.

  6. You are absolutely right. But don't you think there is a way to have a low-maintenance garden that still looks nicer than a traditional lawn? Maintenance will of course always be higher than just a lawn.

  7. Definitely. We just need to compare the amount of sunlight plants get outside, compared to a dark corner in someone's room. Let alone the sunlight in their natural habitat.

  8. Isn't it because tapwater has chlorine or chloramine, which is disinfecting? Where concrete is at worst just leaching lime out making the water more alkaline, but even then probably not that changed if old and cured.

  9. you might be onto something. In Europe, at least where I live in Europe, we have no chlorine in our tap water. Tap water here is even more strictly regulated than bottled water.

  10. Plants outside have evolved to live in that place, in that community, for millions of years. Plants inside just get what we give em

  11. I think that's the main thing. just look up where your favorite plant is from and how nutrient-rich the soil must be compared to the cheap stuff we buy at our local gardening centers.

  12. Love a nice garden in the back - but have always been a huge fan of native wildflowers in the front. Minimal upkeep and beautiful!

  13. How wouldn't little critters ruin everything you got

  14. it obviously depends on the community you live in. Here in Europe, it's pretty common to have a big(ger) variety of plants in your garden.

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