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Elon over the weekend

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  1. "Oh. He got it. He got it. He got it. YEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!111"

  2. We need to post more of these moments. We post a lot about bad umpires and we should give them crap for bad calls, but sometimes players just have no idea what they're talking about, and they should be clowned on too.

  3. I was thinking this as well. This sub has become a circle jerk about bad umpires with huge egos.

  4. Why shouldn't we? No one gives a shit if a player makes a fuss on a good call. Thats whatever. A bad call hurts the game.

  5. You can do whatever you like. A bad call absolutely impacts the game. I'm just pointing out that there is a huge amount of content every day on this sub regarding umps.

  6. All I am picking up from this is that we're overall a lot slower than I originally thought. How is Hosmer right behind Profar on this list?!

  7. I second this. I remember buying the music video on iTunes 17 years ago and watching it over and over.

  8. This is damage control and I love every minute of it. Fans are buzzing for the match this weekend, so it’s working. They’re trying to rebuild a bridge/connection to the fans they’ve pushed away. I’ll personally never forget Unsworth taking charge for the final game in 2016 and winning 3-0. As well as Big Dunc leading us to an emotional 3-1 win over Chelsea in 2019.

  9. If PLTR is ever up a huge % after hours always unload those calls at open the next day. It's always sell the news when it comes to new PLTR contracts.

  10. Sell the news. Slapping the ask on puts when TSLA couldn't hold 803 this morning was the most obvious play today.

  11. You weren't kidding. This was the play this week. Baggers.

  12. This crybaby said the same thing at Everton. No one should be surprised. He's great at blaming everyone but himself.

  13. Hold up, you yolo'd into OTM SPY calls the week before opex. Lord have mercy.

  14. First Clevinger a few weeks ago and now Musgrove. Well done!

  15. He always looks baked. Some people have resting bitch face, he has resting stoner face.

  16. "You ain't got to go home, but you got to get the heck up outta here."

  17. These stupid fucking penalties is why Rashford missed.

  18. So true. Just stop thinking about it so much. Pick a corner and blast it home. All of those twinkle toes stutter steps are not helping.

  19. I know this was a preseason match but it sure was fun to see this live. Many Evertonians from the states traveled a long way to see these matches that summer.

  20. This was a larger phenomenon. My parents did not allow me to read the books growing up in their house.

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