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  1. Trans what now? I thought she was LGBT friendly? Know what, don’t want to go down that hole..

  2. I normally leave the sound off, but it looks like he was given a choice of what’s first.

  3. Almost as good as Genesis! Cursed Hammer of the Destroyer!

  4. More like mom has no chill! Roast that lil’ bastich!

  5. We hear the lamentations of everyone. Not just the dead men, also the dead women and dead children too.

  6. You’re scaring me Ani! Not the younglings too!

  7. Weakness! Burst out in front of the procession so death will fear and respect you!

  8. Man, this was almost Andy Kaufman levels of funny!

  9. You either get it or you don’t is what you say when you’re comedy is shit but you think your some sort of intellectual who’s far surpassed every one else understanding of comedy when in reality the joke is just not funny

  10. .. Damn, I was really hoping you were trying to be clever there, but it’s just that you suck at grammar.

  11. I was going to say something really bad about her future proclivities, but she looks way too young for that, so nevermind!

  12. Enough to make even an eunuch stand at attention!

  13. Very well done! If it’s not insulting, can you take one with Uraraka’s signature closed eyes big smile? I’d say while waving your hands, but it’s probably work to get the finger pads right.

  14. Wong and Kong remind me of Metallica and Dr. Dre back when Napster first started in a way. I don’t fault them so much for trying to secure their money, but they’re out of touch with the bases that made them popular.

  15. Ha, I was going to agree with this, but it’s different if it’s otherworlders. I was still going to agree with straight fantasy but… Final Fantasy 7.

  16. Im sorry but... Those ass cheeks have a volume of 20 units.

  17. I hate that’s the first thing I thought of too. Like DAMN with a side of WOAH.

  18. A Sage investing authority in their technique takes training though. Lindon has to learn to use his icon even though it does power him up. For Herald they don't learn anything new. It's just their old techniques without any limit. We see how Yerin bosses Sophara even as an Overlord-Herald.

  19. Like a Hulk vs. Dr. Strange moment?

  20. I don’t know… both are excellent, but I’d rather have control over reality than being strong enough break it maybe. Charity dumping Fury in the middle of the ocean may not be the best example, but I guess I prefer utility.

  21. They’re very discreet and hands on.

  22. I was just about to say I’m interested in CCG now, but it looks like it’s a different story. Well, I guess I’m checking that one out instead!

  23. The designs worried me, but it’s definitely on my watch list

  24. They are nightmare fuel for their enemies, and I’m digging it! Great job!

  25. Possibly one of the funniest scenes in the series is when Herb, Mint, and Lime were about to be accosted by some animals in the forrest, only for the animals to sense their dragon, tiger, and wolf auras and run away.

  26. You gave the perfect example for me, but I really have too many to count. I hate starting to read something and not finishing it, so it’s rare I give a book the old FTSIO treatment.

  27. Damn, do the neighbor’s garage not have locks?

  28. Man, intellectually I knew this was true, but I still pictured the DoCo crew singing the long versions. Which probably isn’t fair, as I loved a lot of CoCo’s songs.

  29. Forgot the name of the guy who created Aeon Flux, but he never wanted the shorts to become a full show so he made sure to kill the main character (and anyone else that you would draw an emotional connection to) in every short. But the shorts were so damn good we ended up getting a full season anyways.

  30. Tbh, it shouldn’t have been a full show, or it should have stayed in the short stories format. The, trying to make a traditional show ruined the magic of it.

  31. I couldn’t tell if Melinda was in pain, holding back laughter, or being ominous. Looks like we’ll find out eventually.

  32. I couldn’t make it past 50%, but it is well written. Just… frustrating a bit.

  33. Seriously, what the hell are you reading?

  34. I Am Such An Expert; Why Do I Have To Take In Disciples.

  35. Ah.. right. I keep forgetting about Xianxia. Strange considering the subreddit.

  36. Honestly comments like yours are incredibly useful to read so that I can keep them in mind while writing.

  37. I’m glad! I’m hardly an expert when it comes to writing, but I’ve read a fair bit, and know what I like.

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