Batman Star Kevin Conroy Dies at 66

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  1. Even em magan was primarily Nasser, Vadivelu and Saranya over Bharath I feel... He was perfect for that movie though.

  2. Yeah so why is moving a plant to India any better?.India known as the scam country of the world aka duct cleaning or Microsoft support.

  3. Because India does not steal IP and is known for supporting company through outsourcing. India has got a billion people and scammers don't make up even 0.01 per cent of the country

  4. Oh please.Stop pushing the BS lies.More people died in India due to lack of clean water,healthcare and safety rules than the "death camps" in China.India has a terrible record for work related deaths,the deaths due to lack of medical care is said to be hundred of thousands a year.Are you willing to pay double the price for a iphone if its made in USA.I doubt it.

  5. Those reasons has got nothing to do with exploitation. India has strict labor laws, and aims at providing at least sustainable living wage. Lack of medical care is a separate issue , and has got to do with the fact that India has got so much shit to put together and the population.

  6. Typical Rohit fuckboy assuming everyone who doesn't like Rohits captaincy is a Kohli fan!

  7. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 South Africa was never a beast in t20i Stop living in delusion idiot

  8. Since you know too much about my likes and dislikes and you have a great life for yourself (clearly) , I refuse to handle any more wisdom you spew . In case your small 5 yo brain doesn't understand, I am being sarcastic

  9. ^ is not exponentiation in C++, it's exclusive-or.

  10. I think OP wants to write a single function which handles both the scenarios

  11. A quick dirty thing to do is pass a default argument for y. Something like foo(int x, int y=INT_MIN)or any other value you know you might not be using. You can adjust your logic accordingly.

  12. This quote kinda bothered me because females grizzlies are significantly lighter than males. Push off a cliff? Pimento you'd be lucky if he even noticed you scratched his cojones

  13. I think the joke's based on the fact that the headbutting will only hurt a male. A female might still stand it's ground

  14. I fell ill after watching the news, for 2 days. Might have been a coincidence, but I was shit scared to see the updates on TV

  15. Not a rant on this game, but seems like India is going backwards in ODI cricket. High fielding standards, 400+ scores, reading pitches and match situations quickly and intent to score at every opportunity rather than accumulate were a thing until 2016. Suddenly, we have just 5 bowling options, terrible fielding, no game awareness, everything built for close to a decade is not there anymore. Team hasn't gone from strength to strength.

  16. Hell nah. Ashwin would do much less worse than Chahal. Did you see him bowl when the ball was gripping and turning for Washi?

  17. All I am saying is Ashwin won't shit the bed when there's turn. Unlike whatever Chahal did today

  18. Perhaps the recent mass layoffs in tech has got him/her worried, plus the impossible path up to permanent residency/citizenship.

  19. Nah, my company and my field is really immune to the layoffs, also, I feel like life finds a way even if I , God forbid, got laid off.

  20. Do bear in mind that the advantages of living somewhere like Germany aren’t without downsides.

  21. Ofc I am not comparing India to US , maybe my last sentence was too strong. But I feel like the things I am looking for, that is, a healthy lifestyle without constant worries about certain things that the US gives to you, at least as an immigrant, is not actually present in most other developed countries.

  22. can you guys not make everything about IPL for 2 seconds?

  23. RW goons are instruments of oppression of the State. You're too naive if you think otherwise. When was the last time Modi denounced their acts ?

  24. Again, in spite of them possibly being instruments of state, it's constitutionally unlawful to do all the ungodly stuff in India. Not the same case in Iran, a state where every single female is oppressed ( about 50 percent of the population) . Women are arrested and killed for not wearing hijab BY the government...

  25. I fully support freedom of choice. And let's focus on what's happening closer to home, in India. I sincerely hope you support a woman's choice to WEAR hijab out of her own free will.

  26. If you want to focus on what's happening closer to home, the key is to understand the difference between what's happening here and what's happening somewhere else. If you're going to draw comparisons, at least spare a thought for people who sacrifice their lives every single day for their cause and not make everything about your hate towards the government. Shithole or not, India has better freedom than Iran.

  27. When I took controls systems in college, they taught us a new way to do calculus that’s way easier and faster. I was so pissed they didn’t teach it to us in normal calculus class…

  28. I would love to learn it, I am not sure whether you have any notes left...

  29. Yeah, I was in an US university for Masters and a new grad dude was looking at girls walking by and told me ' they look the ones in porn movies. Damn!'

  30. Calling everyone who aren't like you jobless reeks of an entitled elitism. There are a lot of followers of Instragram models in developed world who want to know the same things but you wouldn't call them jobless. This is a kind of brain rot that you have developed. Please look into your biases.

  31. In case this is not sarcasm, just because people do these in developed world doesn't mean they are not jobless.

  32. I'm gonna go with Charles. He thinks on his feet, he reasons things out, and he acts quickly when needed. He's methodical. He's loyal. He was behind the solving of many cases but never required the spotlight.

  33. True, he does the job for the love of the job alone, not for the glitz that comes with it. He is really methodical and hence I feel he's always the one with least problems when it comes to his job(except when he wanted to show his badge and gun for his sperms)

  34. Mani ratnam nayagan magic recreate nu kanda outdated cringe scenes and dialogues vekka poraru

  35. I love Andy's reaction when he tries to give the fist bump

  36. The odds of a single captain achieving all 3 is indeed very difficult considering the average captain tenure is like 5-6 years and the world cups are 4 years apart.

  37. That's what can be achieved when you can bring the best out of your players and give them role clarity. It also helped that he set an example with his performances, attitude and fitness

  38. There is a huge Gurudwara in the Bay Area. As a stressed out student, I often go there at midnight. The few people, the silence of the whole place, the Gurudwara sweet (not sure what it's called) and the langar calmed the heck out of me.

  39. It would be called karha parshad or patasha prasad depending on what you got

  40. I think it was very similar to kesari...

  41. TAS was a huge part of my childhood. Deeply saddened. RIP :(

  42. If you reverse the video, you can make the magnet shit pellets of magnetite...

  43. I am glad I am in PST and saved some PTSD!

  44. Stock market, always. Real estate is never a good investment, primary reason being liquidity.

  45. So are the returns! Real estate returns hardly beat inflation these days; rental yield is too low, even lesser than dividend yield of some companies; plus you have to pay maintenance costs and what not. Real estate as an investment just doesn't make sense anymore.

  46. I would like to differ, if you do a little research and strategically find a place that's about to be developed in a few short years (due to some massive infrastructure change around the place) , you can almost double your investment in no time(4-5 years).

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