1. Not hating on you, but my reclaim has never looked that bad. This looks like when ur ash gets wet and muddy lmfao

  2. Bobs muffins is the play I think. Spin of bobs burgers

  3. Exactly, I could have mixed it afterwards but I actually prefer it like this.

  4. oh ok i kinda thought it was a blowout but wasn't sure and no hate at all btw

  5. I would buy everything separately, that light sux, the fan is questionable. Buy a tent 2x2x4, add a 4" ac infinity inline fan, a Mars Hydro ts600 light and you're going to have a great setup. Might cost you a bit more, but its worth it.

  6. Wow these look amazing, I grew Sannies Seeds 15 years ago, I believe it was Black Jack or something.

  7. Awesome, the last time I grew Sannies seeds was almost 20 yrs ago. Killingfields was the first strain I ever grew. Nice to have her back in the garden.

  8. I am trying a food dryer next run instead of the impossible freeze dryer 😁

  9. I would personally stay away from any drying method that uses heat. Try the fridge in a pizza box, tried and true drying method used by many home hash makers.

  10. Thanks, this strain never disappoints, from green to purple and all the shades in between for the different phenos.

  11. Strains with oilly resin don't wash well. Look for waxy tall Trichs. Likely nothing you did wrong. It happens to everyone atleast once that actually makes hash.✌🏻💚

  12. Yup happened to me on my last batch of blueberry. Been washing for 20 years and never seen such a bad yeild. Always test wash first.

  13. Im old and most of these cars being at a show together reminds me of the shows I used to go to as a teen in the 90's. You did well organizing this one, looks great.

  14. I use piece water in my bongs and rigs to prevent this. Its a great product that lets you just rince with water and the glass will be clean. As for the banger, soak in 99% iso, remove the head of a cuetip and use the bare stick to rub off the residue.

  15. I would say they are produce from dumpsters diving. But a good wash will help.

  16. He was a pretty long way from any dumpsters but quite close to a lot of farms. In any case, they were washed and shared amongst my family.

  17. I’m trying to understand how someone can accept food from a homeless person.

  18. Happy looking ladies! What kinda drip system you using? I've been wanting to set one up in my tent too but still researching on what ones work well and don't fail often.

  19. Thanks, I appreciate you. So I just bought a 40$ universal kit on Amazon, a remote wifi switch and a sump pump. I set it up to use for when I was away for a week. I also set up some wifi cameras so I can see if everything is being correctly watered. I hand water when im at home because I enjoy it.

  20. Apparently it's not that some people don't get bitten, some 30% of the general population don't react to their bites. I had them for who knows how long and I never noticed. Started seeing a girl, after a while she started staying at my place, immediately got bitten. Didn't know what it was until a doctor checked her out. That night she came over and made me flip the mattress.....oh my god the horror! So many of them had been feasting on me without me realizing it. Had to throw out most of my furniture, put my clothes in sealed bags and heat-treated them. The upside though, is that the girl I was seeing offered to let me move in to her place.....that was 10 years ago, still together :)

  21. I love the overall agressive look of the kit. However, I'm not a fan of the hood.

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