1. What if their families were busy somewhere else? I do not need to follow my dad to the park to show some angry incel that my father has a family lol

  2. And what if they’re a couple? Maybe it’s just two guys married to each other/dating with their dogs having a good time.

  3. Yeah that’s true, they could be! No doubt incels would be mad if that was the case LOL

  4. Bah pourquoi tu joue en anglais mon reuf si tu comprends pas

  5. Not knowing one word doesn’t mean that I don’t understand English at all lmao

  6. Du coup vu que tu dis être français, tu peut me répondre en fr tkt, mais ce que j'essayais de dire c'est pourquoi tu joue en anglais et pas en français si tu n'en a pas une maîtrise parfaite ? Il y a certains mots dont tu vas manquer le sens(je ne pense pas que ce soit le seul mot de la langue anglaise que tu ne connaissais pas) et la VA n'est pas exempt d'erreurs de trad, c'est ce que je voulais dire

  7. Je suis québécoise, je maîtrise l’anglais très bien mais seulement quelques mots que je n’ai jamais entendu haha. La plupart du temps je vais aller checker sur internet mais j’étais paresseuse à ce moment là 🤷‍♀️ pis j’ai joué en français avec mon main account et j’ai remarqué plusieurs fautes dans les dialogues faque je préfère l’anglais.

  8. 5) is mikasa - me - house in spanish is casa

  9. What- First of all, I doubt that every transphobe is a rapist. I mean some of them maybe but not the majority? Like most of the transphobe I met were this way because of religious beliefs. They weren’t rapist. Now I’m not trying to defend transphobia, obviously it’s wrong and people should stop caring about what others do with their lives but man I’m not running around telling everyone that they are committing crimes! That is so stupid.

  10. Because no one wants to be taking to a pervert or paedophile who says they are 30 but are actually 56

  11. People can send any photos and you don’t know if it’s them or not

  12. Literally same, they teased her in with her lantern rite appearance and didn’t do anything else ;-;

  13. I keep on searching "shenhe rerun" on google just to end up with articles that were written in 2021, im crying 😭

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