March roster

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  1. Would you know the names of such programs? I think I know one called Wiley edge.

  2. Banks usually do these types of programs. They start doing interviews a month before the semester ends for college students.

  3. Hi there, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you bought the ticker from Tokyo station to Kawaguchiko station? I’ve been trying to find that same bus on but only saw from Shinjuku/Shibuya.


  5. Nope. I'd have Gregg back before taking Henry.

  6. Good defense, but very mediocre offense. I'd never choose them to consistently survive the first two rounds under Bennett.

  7. This seems pretty straightforward. One take home I did was to build a website that can let people upload pictures and it would create a tiny URL for every picture that was loaded. Had to use an S3 bucket. Didn't have any experience with setting up an S3 bucket. Your take home is definitely easier than mine was. I got the job for mine, but the company, or lack of a company, was shit anyway.

  8. Really looking to see what Booth can do on the national stage.

  9. I was never BerhalterOut guy, but I'm definitely a guy that doesn't want him back.

  10. Kinds feel similar although tbf I'd much rather keep him than hire someone like Marsch

  11. I was just never a guy who thought he should be fired during WCQ because that would've actually made things worse. With that being said, I also didn't like his roster construction and tactics, or lack thereof. And yeah, I don't want Marsch either.

  12. ‘18 Nova is the only team on the list that wasn’t the number 1 overall seed in the tournament, so that’s shows how much respect they got.

  13. '09 Heels were dominant. They just had it all, even down to the bench players.

  14. Nothing tangible for the players at least. If anything it would be more of a lesson in humility, and more "tournament" experience for Hubert as a coach.

  15. If anyone is transferring to Duke, it would be Caleb. That was supposedly his dream school.

  16. I actually liked the FL, but it's been awhile since I've watched it so not sure how I would feel about it on a re-watch.

  17. How did these same guys lead in the national title game less than a year ago?

  18. Manek. Whenever Manek scored at least 20 points, they usually won the game. Supposedly he was the vocal leader of the team. Probably cussed some of them out along the way last year.

  19. UNC already turned down any NIT invite

  20. Yeah, I saw the announcement on other sites.

  21. I actually like the idea, but not the materials.

  22. My question is, who are the Mythic drafters playing Quick Draft? Seems to me that if you’re any good at draft, Premier is a clearly better option- more ‘real’, better rewards. Are there people who just play Quick, or is it more likely to be Premier / Traditional drafters slumming it?

  23. I'm not a Mythic, but a Platinum, and I play quick drafts mainly for fun and to get more drafts in. I don't necessarily care about ranking. Also, I got to Platinum from playing Premier and not from quick drafts if that matters.

  24. They didn't believe he was a student even after seeing his ID until a college faculty, who is white, came and confirmed that he was a student, but the dumb part is that they never confirmed if the college faculty was actually a college faculty. Cops were just like, "Okay, we can go now". So much for due diligence and not being racially biased.

  25. Honestly surprised if he's not actually part of their roster.

  26. Maybe you considered it, but why not just fly into the airport near Osaka instead of flying into Narita and taking Shinkansen right away to Osaka? Just getting off the airplane and then getting on the Shinkansen for another 2+ hours sounds exhausting, especially at night.

  27. Hopefully a Bundesliga team so I can watch on ESPN+ without having to jump through hoops.

  28. Some blue decks will also make you a better player too, specifically Mono-U Tempo.

  29. I think I actually prefer the Wanderer, but both are powerful.

  30. Life isn’t fair, why can’t Tim Ream be 25 instead of 35, so we can have this masterclass for another 10 years.

  31. If Thiago can do it for Brazil in 2022 WC then maybe Ream can do it too for 2026 WC.

  32. My betta used to swim towards me whenever I was close to the tank. He would look my way whenever I sat at my desk, which was next to his tank. RIP.

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