What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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Indigenous Americans Visiting Mount Rushmore

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  1. No, that is not what we are meant to do/be. But it is what we have been deceived into believing.

  2. Seriously, you are joking, right? Shopbot is light duty or hobby level machine at best!

  3. The following are the only industrial level woodworking machines. Anderson, Komo, Northwood, CR Onsrud, Weeke, and Busallato. All the others mentioned are in the same category as your Laguna. If the ones I mentioned, Anderson is the heaviest and best value.

  4. Not shocked at all. What I am shocked about is that the federal government colluded with media to suppress the laptop’s content and falsely label it as Russian disinformation even though they knew it was authentic all along. And, most of you are ok with that!?! This should be concerning for everyone regardless of your political affiliation. I’m sure most people give it a pass because it hurt Trump’s reelection effort but; If the Feds can do this and get away with it, what if the next time it is they do it to push forward something you disagree with? A free and democratic society should NEVER be ok with this type of behavior no matter who it benefits.

  5. This is the correct answer (but most of Reddit is on the extreme left so they will always side with Biden and whatever his cronies do).

  6. Agree! The trouble with their philosophy is that they fail to realize that the same corruption that worked in their favor this time can be used against them the next time. Corruption should never be accepted no matter who it benefits in the short term.

  7. Dodged a bullet? I don’t know what bullet you think you dodged but I assure you, unless and until we get our money back from Voyager, no one has dodged any bullets.

  8. Would be good advice except I literally never watch horror of any kind. It’s just not a genre that appeals to me in any way. So, that not where this came from.

  9. It has happened several times in history. However it never works out the way you would think. And generally, in the long run, the people have been worse off than they were before. There is a reason for this and has to do with human nature. Sadly, people will not learn to change their nature so the end is always the same.

  10. SBF won’t go to prison. He was a major political donor and his whole FTX scheme/ scam was a political money grab. Sure he was able to keep some of the proceeds but the real purpose was to raise hundreds of millions for political campaigns. Just like the names on the Epstein client list, He is in a protected class. If you are looking for Justice, you won’t find it here.

  11. One thing you can always count on Republicans in Congress doing…waste time!

  12. What level of production? You just making a few here and there or setting up to mass produce? How will the doors be finished; paint or thermofoil, or both? How much sanding do you want to do before the finish is applied?

  13. Why are they wearing western cloths? Wonder if they drove a car to get there. I notice the man is wearing glasses? But hey, whatever makes you feel better about yourself I guess.

  14. Yeah guys genocide is bad but have you considered that they're using TECHNOLOGY that wasn't invented by them?!!??!??! Take that liberals

  15. Liberals do not and cannot understand nor see their own hypocrisy.

  16. It’s Reddit. Some people on here will downvote anything.

  17. kinda, the idea is that if you don't belive in him you will end up in hell

  18. Actually the idea is that you and everyone else sins and deserves hell but if you choose to believe in Him you will receive mercy. There is a huge difference.

  19. Man, he don’t call, he don’t write. When’s he coming back?

  20. He did write, and He does call. When is He returning? When He is least expected. Luke 20:40

  21. Great, so I’ll be taking a poop during his second coming.

  22. Find someone to tell me who I am, where I am and I am doing. Find some little kid to sniff. Concoct a plan to use my crack head kid to extort another million or two from some foreign government. Blame MAGA. Get reminded of what my name is, wander around shaking hands of imaginary people, get ignored by Obama and laughed at by world leaders. Take a nap in the middle of a meeting. Poop myself then call it a day.

  23. It’s not slave labor if: A: you have a choice to work there or not. B: you are getting paid for your time. C: you are working for an agreed upon wage.

  24. Lawyers are the leaches of modern society. They drain you dry, filling their own bellies all while feeding you the illusion that they are working for your benefit. This whole Voyager debacle was always going to end this way. We will get crumbs while the lawyers get rich.

  25. I have needed a lawyer, a few times. Doesn’t change the fact that they are leaches.

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