1. No problem! I get the same with “MCU film has grossed more than previous MCU film in the domestic box office”, just absolutely require that info!

  2. Box office is at least news. A series regular appearing in 2 episodes, but probably also other episodes, is not really news. You could have framed it in a more newsworthy way (e.g. "Jameela Jamil's courthouse scene is in Episode 5", which is exactly what one of the tweets in the thread says).

  3. It appears to be a combination of Justice League ($300M) and ZSJL ($70M).

  4. FFH was similar to HC in terms of stakes, as in nothing would happen that would affect the overall MCU narrative. So a 29% boost was very good, and it was the best performing Spider-man movie of all time at the time.

  5. FFH is far more of a direct sequel to Endgame than MoM is a direct sequel to NWH. MoM largely ignores the events of NWH, other than a throwaway Spider-Man joke, while FFH is completely built around the aftermath of Endgame, both for Peter (through his relationship with Tony Stark) and the world at large (post-Blip society).

  6. Again, yes MOM largely ignored the events of NWH in the film, but it was *teased* as having a connection to NWH, and that's what actually mattered. MOM had it's trailer played at the end of NWH, which made people think it would have a greater connection to NWH than the film actually did.

  7. MoM adds Scarlet Witch, but the rest of the "stacked" cast is largely confined to cameos in a single 15 minute sequence. So that's disingenuous of you to claim that it's the same thing as NWH. It's much more akin to something like Thor: Ragnarok adding Hulk, rather than Captain America: Civil War adding almost all of the Avengers.

  8. With that, Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron remain the only MCU sequels to not outgross its predecessor(s) domestically. All 13 other sequels did:

  9. So every media in the world was wrong, and also Kevin Feige who confirmed at that time that it would be "re-released"?

  10. If you want to get technical, then yes. Colloquially, one might indeed refer to it as a "rerelease", as sort of a catch all term. But it would indeed be more accurate to call it an expansion and not a rerelease, that's just a fact.

  11. Thor: Love and Thunder is at least on its way to beating Thor: Ragnarok worldwide when China and Russia's grosses are removed. Even with China and Russia grosses included, it'll finish $100M+ below its predecessor.

  12. Whether it's "impressive" is irrelevant to the question being asked (it's not particularly impressive imo, but it is a fact).

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