1. This is amazing! Is there a missing apostle tho? And isn't that Jesus in the middle back? I feel like he wouldn't wear a necklace, lol

  2. Very nice! I wonder if any of your 80's tapes are upgrades from the common digitized versions? It's surprising how many analog era tapes are not well circulated digitally. For example, it's hard to find an entire single source version of Amy's Farm and Arrowhead. A nice collection. Nectar's is currently looking for tapes to decorate the venue with. If you're interested in donating by chance.

  3. Ahhh, that’s interesting about Amy’s and Arrowhead. It’s been 30 years so I have no clue of the source unless I noted it on the J card.

  4. This guys needs to hit a leadership seminar, lol

  5. I'm fairly certain this cat has Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, which is a genetic mutation that gives mammals giant muscles, including some kids. I've read that it's harmless, as long as you like being jacked!

  6. That’s my son in the pic, but it’s really fun! Plans on flying his GF down the coast in a few weeks!

  7. Get a couple lamps for when you watch things... overhead lights off!

  8. 2nd from right: I had that exact shirt AND haircut! This could totally be me and my crew... thanks for sharing!

  9. growing up my mom had a 1978 ford thunderbird, of the few things I remember of that car was climbing up and napping in the back windshield shelf thing, it was so warm and cozy.

  10. Just posted the same comment! Do you remember sitting in the middle of the front bench seat on the folded down arm rest? That was My. Spot!

  11. I would crawl up there in the mid-70s as a five year old!

  12. I did a quick search, and Samsonite's default lock combo is 0-0-0.

  13. There’s some kind of beautiful poetry in worn out vans that I just can’t describe. Maybe it’s the certainty of the good times that passed under it’s soles, the projection of the best memories of our youth or I don’t know. I just never met any bad person wearing worn out vans.

  14. Well written, and so true. I have an old pair of steel-toed Doc Martens that I've kept al these years for the same reason... a collection or memories held close in both cases,

  15. This is actually beautiful in this light. That would be on a shelf in my office

  16. That is amazing, and a dance move by dance move recreation of this scene from Footloose:

  17. There were three of these in Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis when I was growing up. The cool part was they all connected with walkways... it was literally my favorite playground growing up!

  18. i'm similar... had a nurse say, "you got nice pipes"

  19. 18 threes, 18 threes, she got all of yo' kids, got 18 threes

  20. 18 threes, 18 threes, she got all of yo' kids, got 18 threes

  21. For that CD? Step 1- throw it in the bin, Step 2-buy a new one.

  22. The real step one: Trim those fingernails... yikes!

  23. 31 shows total, mostly '96 or earlier, and somehow saw Hold Your Head Up at 23 of them... weird indeed.

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