‘I like Hitler’: Kanye West praises Nazi during Alex Jones interview

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Mine stopped working after less than a year; it’ll be an easy choice for me lol

  2. Not worth that price considering our depth. Good for him to make it back and get a decent payday.

  3. A quick Google makes me think it's pretty cheap to get there. If you can get to Uyuni, it's only a few bucks to ride a bus out to the flats. Or you can go from the Chile side, too.

  4. Idk about airfare but I took a $10 bus from La Paz to Oruro, then a very bumpy several hour train ride from there to Uyuni for under $20. The 4-day all inclusive 4-runner tour from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile was about $200 back in 2018. It is indeed cheap and 100% worth every penny - coolest place I’ve ever been.

  5. It’s definitely a hot spot for “influencers”. There was a crew of ~15 people filming a woman eating one when I was at the Inglewood shop last month 🙄. They’re good, but not worth-a-wait good and the wait was 20+ minutes.

  6. ‘Ate me russkies, ‘ate me thermal power plants, luv me ‘splosions. Simple as.

  7. I'm going into elctro mechanical engineering and I'm saving this idea for later.

  8. I remember reading Dave on USS Mariner back when he was trying to describe how god-tier Felix was in the minors. Good to see him in the FO!

  9. It makes sense considering he would have probably had a bigger impact than Jake Lamb did.

  10. They’re gonna to sell the name to the highest bidder, I doubt they care the slightest who it actually is

  11. Took the time to bash the Clippers because…?

  12. I may be a Clippers fan, and a huge idiot, but at least I’m not a crypto bro putting my earnings into internet chuck-e-cheese money. Fuckin chumps.

  13. I’m a Sonics fan having a long fling with the Clippers until my true love returns.

  14. Microwave type devises have been used by researchers re-animating dead/frozen hamsters

  15. I thought it was sketchy when the 7-Eleven was there; somehow it got even worse once that store closed

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