1. Looks very atmospheric, I can virtually smell the approaching rain. Another thing that is mind boggling to me is the break neck speed at which you are moving forward. Hope you are not spending 20h per day sitting on your desk. 🙃

  2. I think your game will sell on the Charme of it's graphics alone. Even without people it already looks adorable. I want to jump into the screen and live in one of those houses, sit on one of those gardenbenches.

  3. When C. Roberts sold the rights to the SQ42 script to CIG for one million dollars.

  4. To make it short, the hours of waiting in queue where the best part of the overall experience.

  5. There's a simple way to fix this, just replace the crash text with 'Thank you for playing Star Citizen'

  6. In case someone isn't familiar with the story, this is too good:

  7. You do realise that white knight who drops essays in here trying to handwave everything away is going to take inspiration from this? 800 words to tell us that this SC crash is actually totally normal in other games but usually they have 10x as much because something something.

  8. You do realize that CIG is actually developing two games at once? It's natural that they have twice as many crashes! Just use Common Sense!

  9. Thank you! I should have mentioned that I am not using an engine, just openGL and C++. I think can simply add 5 low intensity lightsources (left, right, front, back and top) sourounding the scene in the fragment shader and check how much of a performance drain that is.

  10. My apologies, the link made me think you were using Unity. Your solution sounds interesting and I recommend giving it a try.

  11. My mistake, for some reason I failed to link an actual picture so I used what I could find on the web. It worked now and I edited the OP.

  12. Hey! Very nice and fast progress. Which sound library are you using?I do have to admit though that I liked the previous "wind"-shader better. It looks a bit too much like random pixel movement to me now. But of course that's highly subjective! Keep up the great work.

  13. Cool, I hope you'll keep posting your progress. If I wasn't working on my FPS, I would've gone for a city building game like the on you're making.

  14. Thank you! I'll probably start doing videos about specific aspects and the solutions I explored at some point. First one will likely be about the algorithm that subdivides arbitrarily shaped larger plots into smaller ones. Good luck with your FPS!

  15. OP is looking for the opposite. He's saying too many developers are here showing off their early game development progress. And not enough game players here talking about the games they're playing.

  16. Oh! Thx!! Some days I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.

  17. Very cool! Especially the Debug Screen with the shadow maps and the pathing! :-)

  18. Thank you. Its a cpp/openGL City Simulator I am casually working on in my spare time. So far its just a landscape generator and editor though. 😅

  19. I wonder what 10 modders could do for Star Citizen in one year if they were given the game software and the server software...

  20. One year is likely not even enough to familiarise yourself with their nightmare of a codebase. :)

  21. I love the look of this, the shapes moving around looks like a bar chart come to life. :)

  22. You did all of that in one year? Very Impressive! Are you using an existing engine? The Art Style is gorgeous, obviously, and the aspirations for gameplay as written on the website are very promising. Question, what does "water management" entail?

  23. Another World and rollercoaster tycoon are each from a single person in a year. So with modern tools.

  24. If your average game developer was Chris Sawyer... ;-)

  25. Instantly went to check all videos and pictures on steam and twitter. If your game is going to have the functionality that the visuals suggest its going to be great!

  26. I am working on a tiled landscape "engine" right now using c++ and opengl. You can see the color coded landscape buffer for the picking on the left and the visible terrain chunks on the top right.

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