1. Pretty sure stepmania can, sm5.3 lets you use BMS timing windows too iirc. Also quaver had 7+1key in the options when I last played it a few years ago so they probably have it supported by now

  2. https://github.com/vysiondev/bmtranslator

  3. I'm rage quitting and deleting this game. The checkpoints are useless and makes the level impossible to complete, it doesn't trigger checkpoint a second time, and it doesn't save the orbs I get after I die.

  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/j0q0ai/i_love_inverted_cases_3080_ftw3_ultra_in_a_be/

  5. I tried 21617 today and was hopeful, but alas it my nodes started having all the same issues and problems as with So, I'm rolling back to 386.49873.

  6. Same here. 21099 have some issue on mesh network, but it's still usable and relatively stable. And 21617 makes it unusable, my only mesh node constantly disconnect itself. So I also rolled back to 386 version and it works now.

  7. Yes, thank you, I totally forgot there is a CMOS battery lol.

  8. Oh, yes, I enabled XMP by just using the EXPO profile afterwards. And everything works fine since.

  9. Thanks for the answer, however you didn't answer my question 1 (maybe I'm not clear enough), and question 3 is also not answered.

  10. Thanks for the reply. I answered it myself in another answer.

  11. I dont get it, ive personally had no lag in this game. Where are you guys lagging at?

  12. I heard if your TV is 720p, or switch output to 720p, then there will be less lag.

  13. There are further issues. updated the thread.

  14. Solved, answered my own question.

  15. Update: I just tested on my linux device, it has the same output. So... it still doesn't work.

  16. lg soundbar integration, not the google cast one.

  17. Same issue here, Plexamp can't find any server, even Tidal doesn't connect. But my usual Plex for Android app works with both.

  18. Solved: I have to remove CMOS battery, and then it posts again. It seems the reset bios button on the back panel doesn't work.

  19. If I'm correct, AMD is the cpu supplier for both ps5 and xbox series consoles.

  20. It's bad that DLSS 3 is locked out for older RTX users.... I may want to grab AMD card later on, when price is reasonable.

  21. Most likely you need to return to the Distribution Centre to get the next Order for Sam. Standard Orders are all optional but lead to bonuses elsewhere.

  22. Ah ok thanks, so I DO need to go way back to the first main distribution center. And have to cross BTs again. And it's really not fun because I hate stealth.

  23. If it makes you feel any better, that BT zone at Wind Farm is the most universally hated in the entire game lol. Backtracking is a part of the game but the worst will be behind you!

  24. Thanks, that does make me feel better. I ended up found a way: if I stick to the southen edge of that forest, there will be no BTs, although the terrain is not plain, it's not too hard to cross.

  25. Thank you for reaching out to us as we will gladly shed some light on this for you. We are excited to hear that you are interested in our PA169CDV! Currently the date of this product launch is not available. As soon as we know the time, we will announce this on our official website

  26. 6 months later, any news? I'm also looking at this.

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