1. Ah the old face slide to get the ball! Mine has done this once or twice as well

  2. Ah Edmonton or Calgary jimbows? Guessing Calgary!

  3. We can’t leave our car at our mechanics anymore until he has room inside, otherwise they’ll steal the catalytic converter.

  4. I never understood why they don’t pass laws about accepting used ones without proper paperwork. At least they’d have to generate the paperwork as well instead of 30s with a sawzall. Might stop a couple thefts at least.

  5. I don’t think they resell them they take the precious metals out.(?)

  6. True, but I mean at the recycling centre then. There should be questions raised about why someone has so much palladium/platinum/etc. Coming in. Those places are aware but generally don’t care

  7. Becareful with the fabric frisbees. My girls front teeth are starting to go flat from em.

  8. What do you suggest? I would assume nylon is safer than plastic. She doesn’t tug when returning the disc.

  9. I’ve heard great things about hyperflight, think that is what they are called. They are plastic but they don’t puncture and apparently are easier on The teeth. That being said it could just be a weird thing with my dog and father fabric frisbee.

  10. I’ve actually never cut my dogs nails, we are outside walking so much they just wear down. I’ve had to super glue a few back together when she decides to slide and rips a nail apart.

  11. Funny because my girl is the same way, but my border collie who does all the same exercise gets crazy long nails. So weird!

  12. I wonder if it has to do with how they walk?

  13. Same here mines a warm seat stealer, same look and when I tell her to move she growls at me as she walks away like she’s cursing at me under the breath.

  14. Normally three arrows per archer. It’s called an end

  15. I should also add that givens the varying degree of responses it’s not universal from range to range and place to place. Best to just ask what is the range rules.

  16. They are not using the appropriate sized serving for the nock.

  17. He is probably like I’m Not getting jumped like the rest of clowns out there I’ll keep my ass to the wall!

  18. Smooth poops? More like it’s gonna be able to thread the eye of a needle at 50 yds after eating Vaseline

  19. Likely to mix mud bricks or concrete. I’d wager concrete. Then they get a bucket of water dump it in the middle mix it by hand use it and the process continues.

  20. Bucket, rope. This is just a silly tik tok.

  21. Bucket/rope is a lot slower. I know it sounds weird but it is. These guys will do this all day long minimal breaks. It’s nuts.

  22. Thank you for the suggestions! I do have some paw balm of some kind.

  23. It’s not needed at those temps and it’s only really beneficial for dry snow(looks like sugar). wetter snow is likely not going to stick to their fur. If you do decide to put it on do not put it just on the pads you need to get it btw the paws to prevent ice pellet build up. To many just put it in the pads and that’s incorrect application. The intent of this is to stop ice pellet build up btw the pads. It does work on the pads though as a barrier for road salt sting.

  24. Hour-long, you’re braver than me! Once we hit -30 it’s a 20min jaunt max for me lol

  25. Don’t have much choice here. I just dress to the weather and monitor the dog. She has zero Issues, -30c seems to be her limit though, any lower and it’s 10-15 mins fetch sessions multiple Times a day. Oh and whiskey for dad.

  26. Fuck everything about this. I’d imagine having to piss as soon as I’m rigged up. Would just piss my pants and freeze my dick to my leg. No thanks.

  27. Wonder if they wear condom catheters with a tube out the suit? Similar to what we wear for 5-6 hour dives? We do this in dry suits, so you can stay hydrated for the dive and not have to monitor fluid intake. Yes we drink and eat during dives, been done for years in deco diving (caves, ship wrecks, deep ocean dives).

  28. Can also try 25 grains heavier tip as well.

  29. Mushers secret is what most use. A lot of them are just various ingredients (coconut, bees wax, etc) mixed together. I’d guess you could use Vaseline with the same results.

  30. Good to know. It definitely doesn’t get that cold where I’m at. It’ll be around -17 C this weekend, but most days in the winter it’ll just be slightly below 0

  31. You won’t need it, maybe a little lube, depends on the type of snow as well if it’s in a climate like I have it’s dry snow. That’s the worst kind for dogs as it’s sugar and gets btw the paws. The other wet/heavy snow I’ve never had it be an issue with the paws.

  32. Those look. Ore like get the f up and take me outside or I’m gonna piss in the bed eyes to me

  33. Mine would say suck It up and put your big girl Panties on or I’m shitting on the floor if we don’t go for a walk.

  34. Yup, my parents still Hang clothes out in the winter I always thought it was nuts but it works.

  35. Yeah looks like it’s dropping a bit early the arrow drops slightly. Right after it does

  36. Likely the cable it is tied into has settled.

  37. You will likely half to shorten your draw length or sloop a bit depending on your previous release setup.

  38. It won’t change your draw length, but it may change your anchor point.

  39. Sorry your right it changes the anchor but a lot of people had to change draw lengths due to the longer neck to maintain the anchor.

  40. Mine eats sour patch kids, twizzelers and jelly beans go figure. Sour patch kids was the shocker.

  41. Wow I’m surprised you can give a cattle dog those things. Sugar seems to make my ACD mix crazy! So I try to limit her sugar to things like blueberries. A shame as I’m sure she’d love a sugary treat.

  42. She gets one like once in a blue moon. but she loves em. If I have a few she’s right there licking her lips and gives me a nudge like drop that one I’ll make it disappear.

  43. Bullets and Broadheads allows crossbows in their archery range.

  44. Thanks, but I like to stretch it out and shoot at 70-90yds on the reg, sometimes further. I’ll find a spot just gotta do some exploring.

  45. That’s in the no discharge area area. Covered by a bylaw. I know lots that do though.

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