EV-Bus Manufacturer Proterra to Go Public Through ArcLight SPAC (Ticker ACTC)

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  1. This is something you're going to see a lot of content creators try at one point

  2. I’ll gladly take credit for discovering. 😂

  3. I’d be pissed if that was my chopper gunner tho 😂

  4. Omg I thought this was your average WSB trolling, Rest In Peace!

  5. Hey, if you haven't already, please reply to this comment with your positions and what led you to enter or exit them!

  6. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is available with any TD?

  7. Physical, Thrust. It's the thrust form of Physical damage.

  8. SNPR burnt me. Thought I was getting a deal at $13, boy was I wrong

  9. I looked at Psyched wellness, but seems like in long game they’re just a shroom branding company, and no patent or research to keep them from being run out by bigger brand $$$.

  10. For some clarification, I believe you’re referring to US stock PSYC. Psycf is very much not a branding company.

  11. Bought 1500 shares yesterday. Sold 1000 this morning. Was probably the luckiest trade I’ve made in terms of timing.

  12. Warrants are 9:1 so I’d imagine they’d probably be some of the most expensive warrants we’ve seen pre merger. Better to buy accumulate units and split off.

  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LQLUy21Y14CcYyuYgKJcf9OQ4QWCs_w6PX-jDqhcejQ/htmlview?usp=sharing&pru=AAABcyawCSs*AAVDsvLuGQvXsh_gOgbIqg

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