1. This looks great! Did you go through the program, or lead/ facilitate it in a church? How familiar with it are you?

  2. I didn't go through the curriculum but I did look over some of the materials they use. This page spells out some of the topics for grade 7

  3. You have to unable to do any job including office jobs to qualify for disability.

  4. You are off to a great start. Your next step would be to start an emergency savings account. If gas is your biggest expense, see if you can get a gas credit card that gives cash back. Or use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas on your commute.

  5. Your library may have a first aid book you can borrow. The heart association will sell you the Heart saver book which is an easy read and you can practice on a stuffed animal.

  6. Try to get a job at one of the hospitals as an ED tech.

  7. As soon as free will exists, the possibility of being accused of evil exists. Satan is the accuser who undermines us, since we may always possibly be wrong. Like any metaphor it can be useful or it can be misunderstand.

  8. Happy you are here, hope you are getting the help you deserve. Life is tough, but life is also beautiful.

  9. The Church has insisted on this from day zero. We see no instances of an unordained person baptizing in the Bible.

  10. Please don't argue. Arguing is fruitless and unChristian.

  11. People who think you must not know that you are fat, so they have to be the ones to tell you.

  12. One of the things that strikes me about Jesus was how laid back and casual he was, walking around chatting with who ever, eating, joking, hanging out. I always had this image of him being super intense, super driven and mission oriented and then I really read the gospels and saw how much of that was the disciples trying to make him into something else. I mean he comes back from the dead and he has a campfire cookout on the beach with his friends! Don't know if this helps you but that's what I thought of reading your post.

  13. I pray that you will get therapy so that you can heal.

  14. Retreating to the desert as a hermit or as a monastic is a long Christian tradition. We can also find ways to refuse to participate in the oppression to the best of our ability, or join communities that actively fight and resist.

  15. The bible talks about this issue in several places, but especially on the book of Job and in the Psalms. You could find some companionship in your aufferingntjwre. Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer? The only answer I have found to this is that God can not change the world. We have to adjust to the world as it is, or work to change it ourselves, or both. May I suggest the Ask the Manager blog for job search tips and Captain Awkward for dating advice? I'm sorry, I know it's hard and I wish you well.

  16. Im so sorry for everything that happened to you. You deserve better than that. I'm praying for you. May you receive great care and experience peace. May your anxiety be manageable and your spirit continue to be resilient.

  17. Have you looked at working as a supervisor for the Beacon group or for Primavera? Those might be a good fit. Have you checked with Arizona works, they keep a list of job fairs... Would you be interested in being a substitute teacher?

  18. Neither of us are happy about it, but we are getting married.

  19. You certainly appear to be struggling. Have you gotten yourself some therapy yet? I highly recommend you find a real life in person therapist to help you with your anxieties and fears. All these internet questions aren't helping you much.

  20. I do believe that the book of revelations was about events that have already happened or that people of the era had hope would happen. And Jesus himself said that the kingdom of heaven is already here among us, which the Holy Spirit confirms. I don't think God ever condemns humanity, I'm not sure if there will be a final judgement regarding who gets resurrected at the end of the universe or not. Thank you for sharing this info, I love hearing a diversity of thoughts on these things.

  21. Exactly, some people don't realize that the kingdom of God that Jesus was preaching was here on Earth. In my opinion the only possible judgement is when you die because the death of Jesus was enough to repair our relationship with God and we have a new opportunity to live. If for some reason the world is destroyed or the Universe ends (i hope not) it will not be God's fault.

  22. I'm not one for vicarious atonement theory. I do agree that we are more likely to be the cause of the end of the world than God is. We have such a great opportunity to live and love yet humans keep messing it up.

  23. Most atheists communities don't even acknowledge that leftist Christians exist. I'll work with anyone who wants to end fascism in any form.

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