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  • By - Veiom

what are the most screamable song lyrics you can think of?

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  1. Dude, Ben is awesome. If you stand there and listen hard enough, you tend to really appreciate what he adds to the music. Sorry I dont have a suggestion/suggestion but I was so glad to see someone else talk about Ben

  2. The did it in Baltimore at the first show of the tour. Encore there too I believe as per a request of someone who's significant other had passed. Asbury was awesome last night. Loved the Crocs n Socks and Water and Startup Company songs.

  3. Lmao I loved the water/crocs and socks tangent. Was someone requesting them to play Spittint Venom too? I remember Isaac trying to talk to someone in the crowd but everyone kept "wooing" everytime he asked for only the one person to speak lol

  4. I was actually really close to the guy who was calling out. He said "WOOO ISAAC" but then got shy why Isaac actually asked him what he said. I did hear people asking for Interstate 8 cause the woman was screaming into my ear after every song.

  5. Absolutely loved this part. Crocs n Socks and the Water Song were my favs

  6. It just tastes (to me) very candy like, awfully sweet but it's still ok. It's not just mango juice & seaweed, look at all of the "artificial " ingredients.

  7. Yeah it felt like thin plastic the first time I had it but glad to know its seaweed

  8. good to know im not the only one who runs around with live fireworks in my hands

  9. Go onto rave dj and add the two songs. Its website that mixes songs together

  10. My bad, i saw it was grouped in with "b sides and unreleased" when I saw it. Thanks for pointing that out

  11. Dramamine, Sunspots on the House of the Late Scapegoat, We've got Everything (or space travel)

  12. The "no one even bothered showin up, but we still did what we shoulda thought through" of We've Got Everything

  13. On the beach that used to be by the beach ⛱

  14. Update: The source code was recently updated. I tried copying / pasting but either it doesn't work on my Mac or I'm doing it wrong.

  15. Yeah yesterday I could find images in the source code and I looked at a few, not going to spoil it for anyone but its cool. Not seeing any today however. I'm not remotely advanced with this but yeah...

  16. Maybe some sort of road map for truckers atlas if you're into that but I saw a really good styrofoam boots one where it was a businessman "drowning upside down"

  17. Chamond user 😥 you've probably killed me before

  18. Hey guys, Ian McCollum here with forgotten weapons...

  19. This is exactly what I envision when I hear the drowning upside down lyric. Super cool

  20. I’m not sure but to me the beginning part to Styrofoam Boots sounds pretty difficult. Someone covered it in this sub recently and it was great.

  21. I find the beginning isn't really too hard except for the pulloffs

  22. Teeth Like God's Shoeshine is real cool when you get to the "here's the man..." part. Surprisingly easy! I also like Sleepwalking and Custom Concern both of which are easy to play.

  23. Idk too much about normal but I custom set my fan speed and vram tuning etc so I can keep mine below 35c. Would recommend looking at manual tuning but just be careful so you don't mess something up :)

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