1. This is founded by someone from my college.

  2. It’s TBD. This is the text on the bottom of the announcement email.

  3. Somebody is a fan of Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers

  4. Bobby Newport built this in a cave! With a box of scraps!

  5. Evadu ra Adipurush lo prabhas body VFX annadhi


  7. It’s nice to be born in one of the most influential families.

  8. Why are the other guys hugging the stairs?

  9. Listen to this OP!! Always use shower head.

  10. Maa khaleja ni ignore cheste statelu egiripothayi!

  11. A lot of Japanese watches, mainly Seiko and Casio with a couple Grand Seiko, and the odd few non-Japanese watches.

  12. Excellent movie. NTR, SVR were on another level. Savithri is proof that one doesn’t need gym body to be captivating.

  13. That is what we call creative freedom. They used work on the script for at least 1-2 years and your point view would’ve come up and they must’ve sided with the Relangi garu to make it a little more entertaining for the masses at that time.

  14. I want it so I can gift my phone to my mom.

  15. Nah!! It’s more like my shower thought. Considering how brutal GOT universe can be, this could be a possibility,


  17. Wow!! We were just waiting for him to tell us. We did not even try anything so far. I’ll definitely give the method a read and try it out!! Thank you for the advice. I’ll keep you posted in a week or two.

  18. My son was similar, and now he’s in a regular ed class with an aide who helps him focus. He is academically on-track and an excellent reader.

  19. Thank you for sharing about your son. I know kids are different but I'm trying to picture how things might turn out as things can be overwhelming sometimes.

  20. Manchi sense of humor vunndi bhayya neeku😂. Baaga cover chesav ga…

  21. Man, everyone in these comments is not reading your post and hounding you for long oil change intervals. It should be fine to take your car to a 3rd party lube shop. Make sure you specify synthetic, I've had 3rd party shops default to conventional.

  22. Sorry, my question is can I go with a 3rd party oil change company rather than going with Mazda dealer.

  23. 2021 Mazda CX-9. Bought it new and all cash. I also have a 2010 Nissan at 44k miles that I bought used in 2011 (I know I know… dumb just out of college kid without a proper credit). I still have the Altima but rarely use it and planning to sell it soon.

  24. I’ll keep using my iPhone 12 mini for another 2 years. Dikkuna chota cheppuko Apple!!

  25. Peddarikam - Idele Taratarala Charitam

  26. Talk to a doctor for sure. Make sure you also talk to a therapist if needed. I hate to say this, but many people with tinnitus complain about depression initially.

  27. Preparing myself for the worst but still hoping it’s not till I hear it from the doctor in a couple of hours.

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