1. I mean wear whatever you feel good in, but if you’re worried about looking like you’re wearing lingerie I’d say wear a different dress because I would not have known it wasn’t lingerie if you hadn’t called it a dress.

  2. Jack from Lost. I always wanted to punch him.

  3. Something tells me the addressee isn’t really the poetry reading type…

  4. If you want the temperature to be 66, turning the thermostat down to 60 doesn’t get it there any faster than if you just turn it to 66.

  5. Heinz Ketchup. I will not touch any other brand.

  6. Woah they’re following this post! So if I say here that they’re a bunch of brainwashed lowlives, they’ll see it?

  7. His “funny” dialogue is so painful and cringe-inducing that he makes Book 1 Shallan look like Hamlet.

  8. If it’s kind of a low-ability class I’ll do about half in the room and have them read half at home. Anything above that though and I’ll maybe read like 10% of it in the room if there’s something I want us to work with closely that day, otherwise they’re on their own.

  9. If you truly consider it a mistake and intend to commit to never letting it (or anything like it) happen again, and if you really want to stay with your girlfriend, I’d say she doesn’t need to know. You don’t need to cause her that kind of pain over a single, relatively minor mistake. Just use this as inspiration to be better moving forward. Never put yourself in that kind of position again.

  10. I swear, the number of cheaters trying to justify their actions on this comment section is just... Wow

  11. I’ve never cheated on anybody. I just fail to see the point in making his girlfriend feel horrible just so he can feel slightly better about a minor indiscretion on his part. Him promising to himself to be better and never do that again accomplishes more than making a scene of it and unloading his guilt onto his girlfriend. Life is about making mistakes and learning to bear the weight of them.

  12. His advice should have been “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. I mean, look at me!”

  13. They don’t know why they don’t want their kids doing it. It’s just what conservative media tells them to do.

  14. My friend makes around 70k a year. Gets paid for the drive and compensated for lodging. He gets a ton of overtime and the turnover rate is pretty dang high.

  15. …but why is the turnover rate so high?

  16. What an ugly, hateful, small-minded bitch.

  17. I hear you. I accepted a long time ago that I will never be played by Robin Williams, Edward James Olmos, or Michelle Pfeifer.

  18. Keating was a horrible teacher anyway. Never saw the other two.

  19. And wonder why parents and public hate us

  20. Nothing to wonder about there. They hate us because they’ve been brainwashed by conservative media, not because we’re actually doing anything wrong.

  21. This isn’t trashy. This is a mentally ill woman in the middle of an episode. This shouldn’t be here.

  22. I was a high school sophomore and didn’t realize the pledge was running, so I was zoned out in my seat when a counselor who was in the classroom talking to the teacher suddenly marched up to me, bent down to get right in my face, and started bullying me.

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