1. The purpose of me posting these videos of the surfers having fun, is that the riders might recognize themselves and they are welcome to share the videos with their family and friends :-)

  2. You are absolutely right. It's hard wanting to be informed about the world but all the information is just terrible 😅

  3. Interesting how no one’s shitting on him and talking about how they would have done it better like they did with that video of Isabella Nichols that was posted earlier

  4. More premiums are not necessarily less out of pocket. My plan, for example, is the lower “basic” plan but comes with a $850 cap on NICU bill at an in-network hospital, which is what I paid. The higher “standard” plan charges 2-3% of the total bill, in-network or not. So a $100K NICU stay can cost a family $2,000. Always gotta read the fine print! 🥴

  5. I pick my hospital plan because it had a low hospital stay co-pay. But I got nickeled and dimed for everything else. A $250 co-pay for an x-ray. For some reason one of the NICU doctors was from a different hospital so they got charged differently from the hospital staying at. I also got a bill from the hospital and then another one from the provider from one hospital stay. So ended up with four different bills for one stay and four different payment plans. And each payment plan did not care that I had three others to pay.

  6. So sorry you had to go through all this headache when you should be enjoying your baby. I truly wish we had s simpler system for something as fundamental as healthcare.

  7. I wanna contact nap while being held and cooed. I’m imagining something like totoro

  8. Me too, with rail saver threaded thru as backup bracelet in case watch strap fails

  9. Yup. Apple sport band + surf rail guard / short piece of rope. Thread the rope through one of the holes on the band (on the end without the buckle/clasp) and then tie it off in a knot. When ready to wear, put the rope loop around your wrist and then fasten the watch tightly. If the watch blows off, the rope bracelet will stay on your wrist

  10. That’s the world you’re making, though. “Hey, we all got together and decided we’re not going to make it fair for you. Sorry, ‘bout that!”

  11. I need help committing to steep waves. I get scared and bail sometimes but my friend said to just send it and get the wipeout out of the way at the beginning of your session. Then you won’t be as scared

  12. So true. I dread the wipeout until I get my first one of the day and realize it’s not that bad lol

  13. What climate is the wetsuit for? My 3/2 bodyglove is my goto for any SoCal weather. For cooler weather I just got a 4/3 from Srface (

  14. Fwiw the patagonia suits I've ever tried are ridiculously stiff and heavy. The warranty sounds like a great deal in theory but everyone I know that's had one has bailed on the brand after their first suit died due to the suit being so uncomfortable...

  15. if youre watching on YT, mute the comments section. you'll be happier for it!

  16. This totally makes sense! On the flip side, I think overcoming fears in activities like surfing can help boost confidence to tackle other issues in life.

  17. Look up “little bum coolers” either online or Instagram. It’s a small (or was small lol) business created by a mom. She makes these ice pack holders in cute designs but they are insulated and stay frozen for hours. When baby is out of the car seat, you pop it in and it stays nice and cold for when you come back for the drive. Ice packs aren’t included but if you end up getting it, buy the ice packs that are pictured for perfect fit.

  18. The good thing is that you can decide! We have it aiming at her face but you could also attach to aim towards her head. It doesn’t blow like crazy.

  19. I found this guy’s videos very informative. If you know of similar youtube channels please share!

  20. I agree Thomye is a good resource, very relatable especially for those older surfers out there still grinding (their joints) away on shortboards. Unfortunately I haven't really found any others that are as relatable :-/

  21. Stories like this just reinforce why I choose to never get gas at that Costco. Or any Costco really unless it’s like 8 pm on a weeknight.

  22. Honestly looks fine to me but I’d take the advice the other commenter gave and run a fingernail over it.

  23. Run your fingernail over it and if you feel anything at all, it means it's cracked and you should patch it. Since it's tiny like that, I suppose solarez would work, just make sure you use the right kind (ie. don't use polyester "regular" solarez if it's an EPS board). Also: fantastic artwork.

  24. It was a crack. Time to slap on some Solarez. And thanks for recognizing my fine talent

  25. I did it for a year. Given that you have to park (car will get hot and dusty), wait for the train, all the stops, shuttle ride to destination - it’s pretty much a wash on cost and time. But you get to read and chill out and rest your eyes. The views are great. It was a way to get out of the traffic jams for a while and better for the environment. Like someone else said, there are those incidents where a train hits a person and you’re stranded for hours on end. But there were pile ups and overpass jumpers on the freeways too.

  26. Thanks for sharing your experience. I like the idea of choosing a more environment-friendly mode of transportation and being able to read/relax. Great point that unexpected delays are a part of either driving or taking the train.

  27. Our babe’s poop changed in color and consistency when we went from liquid RTF to powder formula. On the liquid RTF her poop was darker and thicker. Now her poops are lighter in color and bit more wet. The color change makes sense because the powder itself is an ivory/ very pale yellow whereas the RTF was darker, almost taupe. I think the consistency of her poop will become more firm once her body is used to it.

  28. Thanks for sharing your experience! Sounds like transition is going well for your LO 🤙🏼

  29. Thanks! Our doctor’s triage nurse said not to worry unless there’s mucus or blood and/or reduced wet diapers.

  30. I watched it at a film festival in Encinitas and it was such a fun watch. I hope it gets much love in the UK!!

  31. We have a baby seat in the bathroom and have just learned to poop/ shower/pee in front of the baby 🤣 he still gets aggy.

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