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  1. If you can handle inclement weather I’d have a peek at Ireland. The water will be warm enough for a 3/2, the people super friendly, probably cheap flights, beautiful country. Coincide with when the schools go back for reduced crowds. Not sure on snorkelling as the sea usually has some movement in it being the N Atlantic.

  2. Washington Dental as well! Great service sooo much cheaper. If you have Global Entry then zero wait going back. Just skip the walking line. They also have free cabs to and from the border. You just tell them you are going to see them. They will pay the cabby.

  3. Was there a storm recently in SD? Just curious because the 72 hours after a heavy rain storm have the highest statistical probability of shark attack.

  4. Gonna hop in here and highjack your thread; Does anyone know where to get the best Korean food? I was in Ktown LA recently and that food was out of this world. I've been craving but don't wanna make the drive just for some food.

  5. Manpo Shozen in scripps ranch is a hidden gem in North County for korean food. Beyond kbbq they have variety of korean dishes on the menu and their banchan is pretty solid

  6. I have 2 under 4. Tried surfing with the first at 12 weeks but I got too nervous so switched to body surfing the rest of my pregnancy. Had a normal birth but complications a few hours later and was rushed into emergency surgery and had 2 blood transfusions. Recovery was ROUGH. I wasn’t cleared for exercise for 6 months. Got in the water again at 7-8 months postpartum and felt like a total kook. I was still suffering from a lot of pelvic pain and my timing and balance were so off, my pop-ups sucked from losing all my core strength. Then I got pregnant when my oldest was 13mo old.

  7. I have a 14 month old. I surfed until 8 weeks pregnant when someone who dropped in on my hit me with their board (luckily a foamie.. but figures…). I had an SCH maybe from that or maybe not be either way I was too freaked out and stopped surfing. The horrible morning sickness didn’t help. I had planned to surf until the bump got in the way but that didn’t happen. I did some ocean swims when the water was warmer.

  8. Can totally relate. As a new mom it’s a constant tug of war between surfing and catching up on sleep.

  9. Nope - I wouldn’t risk it. My water broke at 36 weeks, and baby popped out in less than 3 hours. She stayed at the NICU for 10 days. My OB was so surprised and said I was the last person she’d have predicted to have a preterm baby because everything was tracking normal. Even FTMs with apparently normal stats can still have preterm birth.

  10. Now that I know a rack is a viable option I’ll look into which type seems the best fit for me.

  11. I recently got an oem roof rack and I am kicking myself for not having done so sooner. Not too expensive and so much easier

  12. It’s gray and drizzly here, if I can catch a sunny hour I might finally do some ding repairs I’ve been procrastinating on. Otherwise land exercise/swim training it is!

  13. Are you using epoxy? Epoxy doesn't need UV to cure and it works on any foam type :-D (Sorry, that doesn't help with your procrastinating...)

  14. Last week I was on vacation and surfed 5 of 7 days! Tomorrow is ironman here in kona so if I can find a way to get to the beach I'll have it allll to myself! 🤙🏽happy Aloha Friday from HI.

  15. My OB told me that cycles are wacko for a while after birth. OP, good luck with whatever outcome/choice

  16. I’ve been struggling at times with my confidence and choice of my new hardtop board but after trying a couple waves on a funboard I realised how much I actually have improved and boosted my confidence again!

  17. I can relate. Progress feels slow each session but slowly but surely time in water seems to pay off :)

  18. Oh yes. I have both baby bjorn bouncer chair and a graco swing. Both very very very well used.

  19. The in-laws have left from their visit, the school week is winding down, a nice swell is here… honestly couldn’t ask for a better weekend outlook

  20. fiona swell is here so watching folks grab some monster waves today! paddled out yesterday as it was starting up and hoping to paddle out again tomorrow once it gets a little smaller!

  21. I’m in North County! What’s your age range if you don’t mind me asking?

  22. What a cool experience for your kids! Sharks and other marine life are the real locals. I’m imagining them snorting as us humans for having turf fights in their ocean

  23. I would like to try riding this thing again sometime! When I was little I got a new board soon as I could stand up, so it’s fair to say I’ve actually never properly written it. The thing is like 4 inches thick though. It’s pretty easy to take off on a wave, just not so easy to turn. I definitely would like to restore it but my repair skills are pretty far below what this board needs lol. Apparently my WWII vet grandfather bought it during a trip to Hawaii, after which he brought it home to New Jersey and would ride it at his local spot near Asbury Park. At some point my dad inherited it, and it just rotted in the garage for 20 years until I picked it up as a 12 year old and slapped some duct tape on it. 😊

  24. I lived in the Pacific Northwest USA for the past 10 years. This May we moved back to Maryland where I grew up, but 3 hours from the ocean. This weekend we are visiting my parents’ old beach house. Tonight I stepped into my parents old garage and took a look at my old boards. I learned to surf in Ocean City, MD as a kid on this shitty old duct-taped Petrillo. I surfed some of the best waves of my life in Hawaii on the 7’2”. I had wished I had this magic stick for the whole time I lived in Oregon and failed to find a gun that worked as well as this magical board. If only there were waves here now. Of course its flat for the next 5 days that we’re here, right in the middle of hurricane season. 🤷‍♀️

  25. Thanks for sharing your sweet memory! I love the nice string job on the fin haha. Your poochie’s so cute.

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