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  1. I know so far everyone is saying San Diego. I would offer an additional thought - with the drought and other severe weather California has been dealing with... if its a long term move I might caution Seattle. I don't anticipate climate change will be kind to Cali and water is a necessary resource

  2. Pretty sure I got green boogers and a sore throat from post rain surf in SoCal but it was worth it this time. Symptoms mild enough, waves good enough 🤧🤙🏼

  3. The general rule of thumb I’ve heard is that you need to live in a place for 5 years when you buy it for it to make sense. If you see yourself in this city for 5 years I’d say go for it. If 5 years seems like a real stretch, I would start considering where you would go next.

  4. This is a good point. Committing to 5 years sounds less scary than committing to forever!

  5. My 8 month old is always happy and engaged in play when I pick her up from her home based daycare. She requires a lot of stimulation to be content and daycare provides it in the form of other older children that she loves copying and chasing after. It is the best thing to pick her up and have these cute little kids telling me how they helped my baby stand up and play with blocks and all about the things she did that day at daycare. I was so scared that her development would be stunted by daycare at an early age but if anything she seems to be learning faster because of the extra stimulation and examples.

  6. I am convinced my little one learned babbling from other cute kiddos in her classroom. She loves to copy other hoomans!

  7. Have you considered keeping a second one as a spare? Sometimes the baby would vomit or have a blowout, so the carrier might be in the wash…

  8. We take home a lot less during daycare years. Daycare is temporary and it’s worth furthering my career for the years my kids are young.

  9. My former boss (in her 50s with fully grown kids) told me it’s all worth it for the exact reason you said. You keep growing your career.

  10. Exciting!! What board(s) do you already have and what are you looking for in your new board?

  11. No surfing this weekend because I’m sick with another daycare bug from my daughter 🥲 I’ll still make my way to the beach to watch other shredders 🏄‍♀️

  12. No. A recharacterization is as if you contributed to the traditional IRA originally.

  13. I’d like to throw in Maya’s Cookies because they have vegan options and the cookie is still super flavorful without the dairy/eggs!

  14. Gonna pull surfboard repair video posted on this sub a while back and finally repair the little ding on my board

  15. Hope everyone gets some surrrf!! It's storming this weekend so I sure won't be ahah.

  16. Vomiting is not considered a sign of concussion unless it is multiple times or accompanied by changes in behavior. Vomiting once is pretty normal for kids under 1 yo. Especially after something upsetting like a fall.

  17. The triage nurse I called immediately sent me to ER after she heard my infant vomited after falling on the hard floor. I’m glad she did after 7 hours and 5 more vomits at the ER. With things like this it’s probably better to err on the side of caution and act fast rather than wait for the full symptoms to show up

  18. I’m not sure what all the commenters mean when they are referring to “her injuries”? Sorry but my 9 mo would vomit with little prompting. Fall from a safe height and get scared/upset? Absolutely would vomit. If this is super uncharacteristic and more serious than described, than absolutely follow your gut! But falling from standing height and vomiting once sounds like a non-issue. Your baby is learning to walk, she’s going to fall a lot in the near future so buckle up.

  19. To update, she’s been at the ER for 7 hours and has vomited 5 times…Just got a CT scan 😔

  20. 8dec Celsius empty 2-3ft peelers with the sun out and blue skies

  21. Super stoked to be able to maybe check out West Coast waves (and the frigid water 🥶) this weekend 🤞🏽. Supposed to be a King Tide (?!!?!) tomorrow and I’m curious to check out exactly what that is. Apparently the tide pools should have some interesting creatures in them.

  22. Also a fan of surf leggings here! Wondering if the skirt might bunch up popping up?

  23. Haven't been in the water in two weeks and it looks like the next few days have waves to offer up, so I am super stoked! Last time I was out I saw a seal, so I'm hoping to make some more aquatic friends :) there's an MLK day event in my town on Monday, so also hoping to get to that. lots to be excited about

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